13 Fall Flower Arrangements

In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to add seasonal decor to your home is through flowers. In the spring, we think of tulips. Summer is filled with a wide variety of flowers in a range of colors. Fall brings its own assortment of the floral species in warm colors. Gather a bunch of flowers and grasses like the examples below to create beautiful fall flower arrangements.

Create a loose and pretty arrangement by tucking dramatic sunflowers in a vintage tin. You’ll find plenty of sunflowers this time of year at the florist, at farm markets, and even the grocery store.

Sunflowers in Vintage Tin


I like to pair sunflowers with other warm-hued florals when making fall flower arrangements.

Fall Flower Arrangements


Sometimes simple is best and I absolutely adore this arrangement of thistle in a simple mason jar created by Our Fifth House. I see a bounty of thistle alongside our country roads this time of year. Even dried thistle is pretty due to its unique shape.

Simple Thistle Flower Arrangement by Our Fifth House


Fall is the perfect time for adding dried stems to a vase or pretty pitcher. Dried poppy flowers are each a unique work of art. Keep the vase or pitcher simple so the dried arrangement gets full attention. I think these are so cool!

Dried Poppy Flower Arrangement


I love breaking out my Harvest basket this time of year. It’s the perfect size for cradling potted mums. Take any basket and stencil the word “Harvest” to re-create the look.

Fall Mums in a Harvest Basket


Rudbeckia are often still in bloom this time of year and perfect for fall flower arrangements. Their stiff stems make them an ideal choice for arrangements. Here, all they need is a plain mason jar for a pretty farmhouse style bouquet.

Rudbeckia in Mason Jar


Zinnias are another garden flower still in bloom in our neck of the woods. You might grab yellow and orange zinnias for fall flower arrangements, but I think the pink and cream are nice for this time of year, too. I used them in glass vases I painted with gold for a book lover’s table setting.

Zinnias for Pretty Flower Arrangements


Just Destiny shows how mauve and green create a beautiful arrangement for the autumn season in her family room.

Fall Flower Arrangement by Just Destiny


If you need a little help making fall flower arrangements, you can learn how to make this beauty at In My Own Style.

Fall Flower Arrangement by In My Own Style

This white pumpkin arrangement by Lolly Jane uses a faux pumpkin with magnolias.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement by Lolly Jane


Flowers don’t have to live in a vase to be pretty. I created this fall floral chandelier using silk flowers so need to worry about keeping them watered.  This was pretty easy to make and didn’t take long, either.

Fall Floral Chandelier


Don’t forget the outdoors! Add a bit of whimsy to baskets of flowers with a fun garden structure like this skeleton with a pumpkin head!

Skeleton Floral Display


And no one can deny that pumpkins and mums are made for each other! Group them anywhere and you’ve got instant curb appeal.

Curb Appeal with Pumpkins and Mums


What type of fall flower arrangements do you like best?

13 Fall Flower Arrangements


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