Transitional Mantel: Summer into Fall

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken photos inside my house. Guess I’ve been so busy enjoying the outdoors that I’ve neglected interior spaces. But I got up a little bit of energy and inspiration to create a transitional mantel – one that will take me from summer into early fall. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Transitional Mantel - decorating from summer into the fall season


One thing I haven’t neglected inside are my houseplants. At left is a basic philodendron, at right is a beautiful hoya, and below the mantel is a brasil philodendron – one of my fave houseplants.

Houseplants on a Country Style Dark Gray Mantel


My large amber bottle takes center stage on my transitional mantel and then everything else kind of gathers around it. I always use books to give height to items when needed. I think I added that candle last fall and loved the way the wax dripped down so I’ve kept it in place ever since.

Vintage Amber Bottle with Candle and Drippings Down the Side


My gorgeous hoya is tucked inside a beautiful wooden Ukrainian bread bowl from Bloomist. Hoya are fairly easy to grow – I have three of them.

Hoya plant in Ukrainian Bread Bowl from Bloomist


This soft sheep on wheels is my newest acquisition. I found her at a baby clothing store and thought she’d look cute on my transitional mantel.

Fluffy, Primitive Sheep on Wheels - Child's Toy Used as Home Decor


She resides next to the philodendron in one of my favorite pottery planters by Tall Pine Pottery.

Child's Sheep Toy with Philodendron on Transitional Mantel


I’m not completely satisfied with the color of my vintage mantel and am toying with an idea for this space. I think it’s a change I’m going to love but that’s all I’m going to say for now.

Brasil Philodendron and Transitional Mantel

If I don’t make the change to this room before my fall home tour, I’ll for sure have it done in time for the Christmas tour. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lots of inspiration here for me, especially the idea of standing boxes or etc in front of an unused fireplace. I have a large fireplace in dire need of renovation. I can see now that I can greatly improve its looks quite easily without waiting for the time / energy / decision making needed for a more permanent solution. Thank-you!

    1. Hi Alexandria,

      I know how you feel about the time/energy/decision making it takes for a more permanent solution. I’ve been struggling with this mantel ever since I added it to the room. LOL. Now I wonder if I even want it there anymore. My daughter told me to leave it. So we’ll see what I can do with some new paint. And like you – I struggled with what to do in front of it and the boxes were an easy solution while providing a bit of storage for stuff. 🙂

      1. Hi Jennifer, I agree with your daughter. My own daughter is passionate about mantelpieces. She would never forgive me if I took one out! I am living in a Victorian (UK) house with 4 original marble mantelpieces. In my younger, more energetic days I actually stripped the paint off 2 of them. Coincidentally, I listened to a programme on the history of the mantelpiece on Friday. I think it might inspire you.

  2. Sooo organic! Love the plants and that little sheep is adorable, but quite grown up on your mantle. You have piqued our curiosity… can’t wait to find out what you are planning for that space! I know that it will be inspiring.

    1. Hi Deb! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Sometimes when I execute ideas, they appeared better in my mind than in actuality. LOL. That’s kind of how I feel about the dark mantel. So we’ll see how the next idea goes. 🙂

  3. Oh that cute sheep! That amber bottle too! I read the story behind the Tall Pines Pottery and she is from our neighboring state. A great inspiring story behind her decision to create pottery out of college. I bet that is a craft you could just lose yourself in. Time passing by quickly and pleasantly is what I need right now:0)
    I’m outside still working as well but gathering up for my fall decor. It’s piling up in my basement awaiting it’s debut…Ha!! Please bring on 2021!!!!

    1. Hi Lori!

      A local plant store carries the Tall Pine Pottery and I just love it. I’ve often thought of taking a pottery class, but never find the time. Maybe it’s something I can do when I’m retired. I agree with you – I think you could get lost in it. Have fun with your fall decorating!

  4. I love your plants and little sheep, it all looks so pretty. I will be here to see what you do because you have teased us about 3 different things that you were doing so am anxious about that Fall tour, besides i love your house and design.

  5. Keep the mantle. I like the black. I saw where you had it gray at one time, but I like the black better. It pops. For fall and winter, you could put birch logs in a basket or a grid and layer battery-operated mini lights on them for whimsy, or use a grid with battery-operated candles. I do like the baskets stacked as well. Great post as always.