Cozy Summer Living: How to Lighten a Room

This summer I made a promise to spend less time in the house and more time outside with my garden and my family. So I haven’t done much decorating but I did make a subtle change in my sitting room to lighten it up for summer living.

Summer Living with Fresh Greens in White Ironstone Pitcher


Today is the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time to share some cozy goodness with my blogging friends. You’ll find their cozy summer living ideas for July at the end of this post.

My highlight includes a round brass mirror I found while on a recent shopping trip with my daughter, who’s becoming a bad influence. She says I’m the bad influence but regardless – we both spend too much money when we’re together.

Round Brass Mirror above Vintage Mantel


My sitting room has a single small window and I’ve been looking for a large, round mirror to reflect more light and brighten the room. The mirror is perfect for adding summer’s natural light in this space. I kept the white ironstone pieces on the mantel and simply did a little rearranging, adding greenery and hosta flowers.

White Ironstone Collection


The lily of the valley isn’t real, but I wish it was. I need to add some of these beauties to my shade garden. My grandmother had loads of them in her yard next to her stream and I’ve loved them ever since.

Faux Lily of the Valley


White pieces used in vignettes help to lighten a room for the summer season.

White Ironstone Collection


One of my favorite white pieces is this pretty white porcelain gardenia candle that has the sweet scent of summer.

White Porcelain Gardenia Candle


You can see how the new round mirror reflects the sunlight poring through the single window. The white ironstone with a a few green fronds emphasizes the lightness of carefree summer living.

Round Brass Mirror above Vintage Mantel


For more summer inspiration and cozy living ideas, visit my blogging friends below!

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Summer Cozy Living Series

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  1. So happy to see that the mantle finally got a black coat of paint. It’s looking better and better all the time. You are so talented at arranging and bringing out the best in any area and creating vignettes that are simple and beautiful. The mirror is just perfect – effective and understated.

    When I was growing up, the entire North side (shaded side) of our house was filled with Lily of the Valley (my birth flower) and the entire East side had at least a dozen peony bushes, all various colors. We lived in a very small town, so many of the flower gardens there were very similar – passed down from previous generations and shared between residents. It was a much simpler time ….. sigh.

  2. Your mirror did bring some light in your room and it looks real nice . I love your mantle.

  3. I love your new round mirror! So pretty and I feel the same when I go shopping with my mom. She’s a bad influence. I always buy more when she’s with me BUT she’s usually right. Ha! Ha! LOVE the black mantel and your gorgeous ironstone. I, too, love lily of the valley. Reminds me of my wedding day.