How to Create Pretty Paper Lanterns

When it comes to decorating for parties or special events, I love using flowers, banners and buntings, and paper lanterns.

I had white paper lanterns on hand from Easter and decided to alter them a bit for a unique look.

I had seen something similar on a wedding blog and felt inspired to create pretty paper lanterns.

(These pictures were taken before we painted our front porch.)

Festive Paper Lanterns decorated with paint, fabric, and ribbonsI decorated my pretty paper lanterns in turquoise and pink using paint, fabric, and ribbons.

These are so easy to make and I think you’ll have fun doing it!


A few craft supplies turn plain paper lanterns into something pretty and festive.A few supplies from your craft store will transform paper lanterns into something festive and fun.


Paper Lantern embellished with acrylic paintWater down your acrylic paint and carefully brush it onto the lantern.

You’ll want to first expand the lantern and then paint color blocks.

Use the wire ribbing as your guide to painting within the lines.


Transform plain paper lanterns with acrylic paints in just a few minutes.Get a little fancy and try some polka dots!

Hang lanterns to dry when you’re done painting.

You could stop right here if you want and still have a pretty paper lantern.


Paper lantern painted and decoupaged with pretty fabric.I cut out shapes from small pieces of fabric I had on hand.

Apply Mod Podge to the wrong side of fabric and carefully adhere to lantern.

Very lightly smooth any bumps with your fingers.


Trio of Decorated Paper Lanterns for a Party or Home DecorTie pretty ribbons onto the metal bracket at the bottom of the lantern.

I found cute little pom pom trim that worked great with the ribbons.


Paper Lanterns decorated with fabric, acrylic paint, and ribbonsIt’s easier if you choose your fabric first and then match the paint to it.

I think these would look cute in a girl’s room all year round!


Decorate paper lanterns with fabric, paint and ribbonsThis project was so much fun!

My wheels are already spinning with more ideas for creating pretty paper lanterns.

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