Decorating with French Gray

When I was a young girl I thought gray was a boring color. It wasn’t fun and happy like pink or yellow. But now as an adult, I appreciate the drama and comfort of this sometimes moody hue. Today I’m sharing ideas for decorating with French Gray, which is actually a greenish gray.

This Old World living room with a tufted couch wears French Gray paint on the walls by Farrow & Ball. It’s the perfect color for creating a bit of elegance, without feeling heavy.

Decorating with French Gray. Farrow & Ball paint on the wallsPhoto by Rafe Churchill


The cabinets in this farmhouse-style kitchen also wear French Gray by Farrow & Ball. The color creates a soft and cozy feel.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen with French Gray Cabinets Photo by Designerpaint


Brighten an entryway with a light French gray paint. The color lightens the space while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Entryway in a light French grayPhoto by The Phoenix Photography


Need a little more drama?  Consider a darker shade like Classic French Gray by Sherwin Williams. Pair it with trim painted white for a bit more modern vibe.

Traditional Style Living Room with Dark French Gray on the WallsPhoto by Faith Towers Media


A beautifully elegant room wears three shades of French Gray, from the ceiling to the trim to the walls. It oozes class and style.

Elegant Living Room in 3 Shades of GrayPhoto by AMARI


More and more you’re seeing gray in the kitchen. This beautiful painted pantry makes decorating with French gray fun and creative. My daughter is getting ready to paint her kitchen gray and I’m hoping to share the before and after on my blog when she’s done.

Kitchen Pantry - Decorating with French GrayPhoto by Higham Furniture


Yellow always looks delicious with gray and used in this cottage-style kitchen, the pairing is cheerful and charming.

Cottage Kitchen in Yellow and GrayPhoto by PPG Pittsburgh Paints


And finally, walls in a darker shade of French Gray set off a stunning entryway staircase.

Decorating with French Gray in a Victorian EntrywayPhoto by Crisp Architects

Do you enjoy decorating with French Gray?  What are some of your favorite neutral colors?


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  1. I love gray! I have heard it said that “gray is the new white” or something like that. Anyhow, I am looking at paint chips now to paint both a spare bedroom and my kitchen in gray. Eventually I will repaint my kitchen cabinets and considering gray. There are so many colors to choose from that it is tough to make a decision. I tend to like the grays with a little green in them.

  2. It would be nice if Farrow and Ball paint could be found in Central Texas! NOT even in San Antonio!! Love that color, but alas, no way to get it. No way to even get a sample of it and have it color matched! Darn. 🙂

  3. I painted with gray long before it was so popular and have loved that it is such a wonderful cool neutral. However, I’ve found that I don’t like putting it with warm colors, such as the yellow shown above. I’m sure it’s fine, but it just doesn’t please my eye. I’ve used it with blue, green, purples, dark reds, black, white and variations of cool hues and it never fails to give me the relaxing atmosphere that I prefer since I’m a cool color person. Thanks for the post and for reminding me why I’ve used it so often.

  4. I’m like you, I thought gray was dull and boring . Until 2008, that is. We had just moved and the new house, not New New, but new to us,, seemed to like gray. We painted the outside a dark gray blue, and now the bathroom will be sporting some gray as well. I just saw a vanity painted in ASAP using a combo of even amounts of graphite aND French gray. I’m copying it. As a side note, I’ve noticed I’m liking gray in clothing too.

  5. Visited your site for the first time today . Love your colors! I too recently repainted my living room with Dunn Edwards Miners Dust a very soft gray and my dining and family rooms with Sherwin Williams Loggia a mellow sandy gray. Cheers!!