Dining Room Ideas Just in Time to Determine Your Style

So guess who’s re-doing her dining room? If you’re a regular reader you might remember that I swapped my dining room for the living room and bought a big table that can extend to seat the whole family. Well, my middle child moved to a new house and I gave her that dining table. So now I’m looking for a new table and chairs and will move the dining room back to its original location, which is currently the sitting room. All this to say, I’m sharing a collection of dining room ideas as I start looking around for inspiration.

modern cottage style dining room

A few days ago I shared living room styles so I’ll do the same with today’s post – only it’s about dining rooms and choosing a style you like best. The photo above reminds me of a modern cottage dining space and I absolutely adore the chairs! The duck painting is cute, too.

I think a lot of people prefer a farmhouse style dining area – at least, that’s what I gather from the blogs and magazines I read. This one’s set for the fall season.

farmhouse style dining room


Here’s another example of a farmhouse style table. Crossback chairs are a popular choice, along with a bench for seating. I’m leaning toward Windsor chairs for my dining nook.

farmhouse style dining room


Although I don’t use contemporary style in my 150-year old house, I still appreciate its aesthetic. How fun is the light fixture above this table with a Scandinavian influence? Scandi-style is typically clean and uncluttered, but not always.

contemporary dining area


This Danish style kitchen enjoys painted cabinetry, open shelves, and a dinette set with retro plastic chairs.

Contemporary Danish style decorating in the kitchen nook


This cozy space enjoys a wood slice wall to add texture and interest to the room with Danish influence.

Interior of modern stylish dining room


For warm fuzzies heading into the fall and winter seasons, you might enjoy this rustic and impressive dining room with expansive windows, stone wall, and antler chandelier. Note the use of slightly mismatched chairs set at the middle of the table.

rustic dining with antler chandelier and stone wall


Black bentwood chairs are a classic touch in this gray room. The wood table and numerous plants add a nice contrast.

gray dining room with bentwood chairs


Two-toned Windsor chairs hug a two-toned table in a country style dining space. The tray ceiling adds a bit of elegance and tradition.

Traditional dining area with Windsor chairs


Don’t forget about the great outdoors! This is where I would dine every night if it were in my yard. I like that the chairs are completely wipeable. Who wants to mess with cushions outside? LOL. I remember my mother always running outside to save the cushions if inclement weather was coming. I love how the kitchen at the end of the table is somewhat enclosed and protected. The glass ceiling is a cool touch – you could eat out here with a light rain but still be able to see the trees above.

outdoor dining space with glass ceiling


Here’s what my dining room looked like a couple weeks ago until Bridget came and got the table and chairs. I told her she’s now obligated to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house (I have to get something out of the deal, right?). My plan is to turn this back into a living room of sorts with more color. Stay tuned!

modern country dining room


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  1. Love the chairs in first pic! Great detail and a small “modern” update. Looking forward to your fall mug recommendation.

  2. So you’re into your next adventure! Can’t wait to see the new setup and design. I LOVED the outdoor space with the very creative and spectacular glass ceiling. Like you, I would eat every meal out there. Final thought, would you consider sharing a floor plan of your home? Although you have given us tours (and well described at that) I still try to visualize in my mind the floor plan of your wonderful home. Just a thought.

  3. I am always changing my rooms around, well at least every 5 years or so. I can’t hardly remember what it looked like before so, this will be fun to see what you do.

  4. These are great! In some I love the lighting, in others the seating, and couldn’t agree with you more, love the duck painting! Can’t wait to see your next renovation! I too would love to see your floorplan. Dreamed of being an architectwhen i was young. Can still look at floorplans for hours and walk through each one in my mind.!

  5. I love your outdoor area! Our son and DIL are visiting this weekend. She’s looking for a new dining set. I showed her yours (now Bridget’s), and she likes it! Where did you buy it? Thanks for your wonderful blogging!