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Today is the day I’m announcing the winner of The Complete Book of Home Organization. I started feeling a little bad that I couldn’t give everyone a copy of the book, but then I realized I could at least give all of you some easy home organization ideas from my blogging friends. And by the way, I loved reading all of your comments about why you want to win this book. Thank you for sharing your stories!  I truly love when I get to know a little more about my readers. In no particular order, here are easy organizing ideas! (This post contains affiliate links.)

I’m starting with Jennifer’s handy command center. Jennifer blogs at Clean and Scentsible and is the expert of all experts when it comes to organizing your home. Seriously. Everyone who wanted to win the book needs to subscribe to her blog! She’s amazing.

Command Center from Clean and Scentsible


Krista at The Happy Housie not only has an organized bathroom; she has a beautiful bathroom!

Happy Housie shows how to organize your bathroom


Beth at Unskinny Boppy shows how sweet and cute an organized craft room can be. Metal tins suspended from the wall keep craft items within arm’s reach. Extra storage at the end of the desk is handy for larger items.

How to Organize a Craft Room by Beth at Unskinny Boppy


Speaking of craft supplies, Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home shares easy home organization ideas for keeping kids’ craft supplies under control.

How to organize kids' craft supplies by Chronicles of Home


Need to organize your pantry or kitchen cupboards? Carmel at Our Fifth House shares easy solutions like grouping supplies in labeled baskets. How many times do you dig through cans of soup just to find the tuna you’re looking for? Happens to me all the time. I need Carmel’s baskets!

Home Organization Ideas. Organizing the Pantry with Our Fifth House



I found a few more easy home organization ideas over at Houzz. Like these clear plastic vessels to store cereal or other sundries. Boxes always collapse and become misshapen in the cabinet. See-through containers make it much easier to find what you need.

Easy Home Organization Ideas for a Kitchen Pantry Photo by Neat Method San Diego


Never lose your keys with a handy end-cabinet storage unit. A small whiteboard allows room to write important messages to family members.

End Cabinet for Keys and Small ItemsPhoto by Nicole Janes Design


I. Need. This. I’m so tired of battling my pots and pans that are stored on the lazy Susan in my corner cabinet.  This hanging option to separate pans from their lids is a much better way to achieve easy home organization!

Easy Home Organization Ideas. Hang your pots and pans for easy access.Photo by Glideware


These next two linen closets remind me of my mother’s. When we were kids I remember having to leave the linen closet how we found it. My mother always folded her towels a certain way, with the folded edge facing out. If we ever left the unfolded edges facing out, we got a talking to. Mom said it made the closet look messy, while I was thinking that the door is shut anyway so who’s gonna know?

How to organize a linen closetPhoto by Sforganized Interiors



How to create a pretty linen cupboardPhoto by Sforganized Interiors


It’s time to announce the winner of The Complete Book of Home Organization.

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley

Congratulations to Katie B!!

If you’re not Katie and wish to have a copy of the book, you can order it on Amazon.



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  1. Thanks for showing us some of these practical storage ideas. I didn’t win the book (boo hoo) but I already feel a little more organized by today’s blog. I really like the craft room picture. I am putting the book on my Wishlist!

  2. I love these organisational posts – organisation makes life so much easier. It is very stressful when you can’t find things and choas abounds. An organised home/office/whatever is soothing and pleasant and makes one more productive, I feel. Congratulations to Katie!

  3. Right after we moved in here my hubby installed organizing things for my pots and pans and it is a Godsend. I also have ALWAYS used turntables in my pantries for canned goods, salad dressings etc. It is the BEST solution, to me. You just spin it and whatever you need is at your fingertips. I also keep a basket on the floor for bags of chips, pretzels etc.
    Congrats to the winner of the book!

  4. I am Katie B! Haha! Thank you so much for hosting this give-away. I am so excited to get even more organized in my home. I feel that we have taken the entire house to a certain point and now I need to learn how to maintain and even fine-tune my organization in each room. This will be especially helpful as my five children get older and take on more cleaning responsibilities!

    Thanks again!

  5. Yes. With 5 children, Katie B should have won the book. Congrats to her. I had to smile at your linen closet story about your mother. I’ve always been the same way about mine, and my now grown kids always thought it was silly – and in fact, in their homes, both of their linen closets are a mess, so my pickiness about it certainly didn’t rub off. However, several years ago, upon seeing my linen closet, my sister asked if I would organize hers and after I did, she was so happy with it that it has continued to be organized – and it encouraged her to do the same to her pantry and other closets. You never know who you are going to inspire. 🙂

    I loved the simplicity of the Swedish designer’s home, but it was a little cold for me, considering the lack of sunshine and harsh winters they have. Each to their own, and thanks for featuring it.