Organizing Kitchen Cabinets in Five Easy Steps

January is "Get Organized" month according to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing. I didn't even know there was a thing called NAPO and always wondered why people organized their homes during January. Now I know. So I thought I'd jump on the organizing bandwagon and today I'm here with five easy steps to organizing kitchen cabinets. I love my built-in cupboard; it was a selling point when I bought the house. But lately it's … [Read more...]

Tips for Organizing Your Home

Most people like to organize their home at the beginning of the year, but any month is a good time to get your house in shape. I often feel like I'm never going to get fully organized; the task sometimes feels overwhelming. So needless to say, I'm always looking for easy tips for organizing the home. Here are a few to get you started on the right path. (This post contains affiliate links.) I dislike digging for favorite spices so I put them in a … [Read more...]

Home Decluttering Diet: Book Giveaway

My mother always said she couldn't relax until the house was clean, which meant not a spec was out of place. She was extremely fastidious. I can relax if the house is a little messy, but it does feel good when it's clean and organized. Lucky for me, my friend Jennifer at Clean and Scentsible released a new book about home decluttering. And I'm happy to say I'm giving away a free copy of this fabulous book! (This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

Add Storage with an Armoire

Today's homes are typically built with ample storage, but if you live in an older home like me, you frequently find yourself yearning for more places to put your belongings. Why not add storage with an armoire that looks beautiful while keeping your things tucked away neat and tidy? Here's a few gorgeous amoires I found over at Houzz to give you ideas for pretty storage in any room of your house. The advantage of using an armoire for storage in … [Read more...]

Easy Home Organization Ideas

Today is the day I'm announcing the winner of The Complete Book of Home Organization. I started feeling a little bad that I couldn't give everyone a copy of the book, but then I realized I could at least give all of you some easy home organization ideas from my blogging friends. And by the way, I loved reading all of your comments about why you want to win this book. Thank you for sharing your stories!  I truly love when I get to know a little … [Read more...]

Home Organization Book Giveaway

Do you long to be more organized at home but you keep putting it off? I stumbled across The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley and am so in love with it, I have to share a free copy with one of my readers. To enter win a copy of the book, simply leave a comment below telling me you want to be entered for the drawing. (This post contains affiliate links.)   The book is written by the same person who blogs at A Bowl Full … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Organize the Kitchen

As soon as the holidays are over, I'm going to work on whipping my kitchen into shape. I have plenty of storage space, it just needs to organized better. I know I can squeeze even more storage space out of it if I just put my thinking cap on. I decided to look for ways to organize the kitchen on the Houzz website, and I found quite a few ideas! Traditional Kitchen by London Paint & Wall Coverings Mylands A beautiful blue cupboard isn't just … [Read more...]

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