Tips for Organizing Your Home

Most people like to organize their home at the beginning of the year, but any month is a good time to get your house in shape. I often feel like I’m never going to get fully organized; the task sometimes feels overwhelming. So needless to say, I’m always looking for easy tips for organizing the home. Here are a few to get you started on the right path. (This post contains affiliate links.)

I dislike digging for favorite spices so I put them in a handy wire basket shelf in close reach of the kitchen range.

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Get rid of boxes and bags and store sundry and other items in clear jars with attractive labels. The clear jars let you easily see when you’re almost out of something.

Photo by Neat Method San Diego


Add drawer dividers to keep utensils easy to find. My utensil drawer is in desperate need of dividers. I won’t have to dig through tongs and spoons that get tangled together.

Photo by Inspire Your Space


If space allows, install or purchase a larger organization unit. Label the outside of boxes so you know what’s stored inside.

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Use closet organizers to create more space in any closet of your home.

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Speaking of closets, Diane at In My Own Style shares a super easy and handy tip for keeping clothes from slipping off hangers.

No Slip Clothes Hangers by In My Own Style


Krista at Happy Housie shares step-by-step instructions for organizing the linen closet. When I was a kid my mother’s linen closet was immaculate. We always had to stack the towel with the folded side facing forward.

Linen Closet Organization by Happy Housie


Use attractive baskets to keep open bathroom shelves neat and tidy.

Photo by BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.


And finally, Jennifer at Clean and Scentsible shows how to organize items under the kitchen sink. It really pays to add cabinet organizers to increase storage space.

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink by Clean and Scentsible

Speaking of Jennifer at Clean and Scentsible, it’s time to announce the winner of her book, The Home Decluttering Diet.

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Congratulations, Sherry H! Check your email for a message from me.

And if you didn’t win but would still like a copy, you can purchase the book on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed these easy tips for organizing your home. What are some of your favorite organizing hacks?

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  1. I’m a good organizer, both at my home and upon request by my sister to help her with her own “mess.” My kitchen pantry is probably the area that requires most of my attention on a regular basis. I live alone, so no longer need items in bulk, nor large containers, nor big boxes of anything. I used to have many different kinds of storage containers, but most recently, I removed everything from it’s container and now store items in glass Ball jars. Ball now sells one piece white plastic lids for the quart and pint jars – no fumbling with those flat caps and rings – and they are so convenient to use. The quart size is great for me to store flour, sugar and other baking needs, and also oatmeal and other grains, while the pint jars hold lesser used items in small amounts. The see through glass makes it easy to know when you’re running low and they clean so easily. I do label my jars because, on occasion, someone else may be helping in my kitchen, but otherwise, I love the uniform look and the shiny glass that greets you when you open the pantry door. And, they are so much less expensive (under $2 each for the quart size when purchased by the case) than the glass storage containers that are sold and marketed strictly for storage – some well over $5 each. Years ago I under to can my garden vegetables in Ball jars – now I store my everyday staples in them and am happy to do so.

  2. Great ideas and inspiring. Years ago I decided that we would live life to the fullest and treat ourselves like guests. It’s just as easy to wash pretty glasses as it is to wash plastic ones. I like looking at vintage Pyrex glass containers in my cabinets alot more than plastic ones. The benefit of using nice, pretty glass items for use and storage is that it’s not only healthier but subconciously I found I wanted to keep my cabinets and pantry neater because of them!

  3. Those are all great ideas. I just need the space to do it All! Like a complete kitchen remodel. And an addition. And a maid. I’m not asking for too much, am I? But on a realistic note, I used to use glass storage until I had kids, and now grandkids, because I feared they would drop them. My husband hates when I buy milk in the heavy glass jars even. Maybe some day.