9 Ways to Organize the Kitchen

A lot of people organize their kitchen and other spaces after the holidays are over, but I tend to prefer to organize things before the holidays. That way I feel less stressed. I’m currently in the process of purging and donating things I really don’t need. Once that’s done, I’ll reorganize shelves and cupboards. Here are some great (and attractive) ideas to organize the kitchen.

Ways to Organize the Kitchen Traditional Kitchen by London Paint & Wall Coverings Mylands

The beautiful blue cupboard above isn’t just pretty, it’s highly functional too! I have a built-in cupboard in my kitchen, but it isn’t organized as neatly as this one. I like the pull-out baskets in this cabinet and could easily incorporate that concept into my cabinet.

Are there really people out there whose pantry looks as neat and tidy as this one? I need to get clear containers like this to hold dry goods. It makes it so much easier to see what you’ve got on hand, as opposed to rooting through boxes that are piled on top of each other.

Kitchen Pantry OrganizationTraditional Kitchen by Encinitas Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Neat Method San Diego


Coated wire racks and and baskets are the perfect way to keep things corralled in a pantry.

Wire Racks and Baskets to Organize the KitchenSpaces by Cincinnati Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Organized Living


Love the can holders on the top shelf! Labels on baskets make it easy to remember what’s inside each one.

Home PantrySpaces by Cincinnati Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Organized Living


Who wants a ladder for their kitchen? I do!! When you’re short like me it sure comes in handy. Notice the basket drawers under the large butcher block island. Yet another handy way to store things like oft-used utensils.

Wall of Kitchen ShelvingTraditional Kitchen by Asheville Kitchen & Bath Designers Benbow & Associates


What a classy pantry! The wood interior is beautiful and the exterior has an English vibe.

Kitchen Pantry. 9 Ways to Organize the KitchenKitchen by Yorkshire And The Humber Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Chantry Kitchens


Why do I not think of drawers when I think of ways to organize the kitchen? No, instead I have to fumble around and rummage through the pile of utensils in the drawer. And then when I spy the one I want, it grabs onto the tongs which take hold of the can opener, and the next thing I know I’ve got utensils spilling out of the drawer onto the floor. Drawer dividers are definitely on my to-do list for the kitchen!

Kitchen Drawer OrganizationContemporary Kitchen by Perth Interior Designers & Decorators Inspire Your Space


Love this cottage kitchen with its white cabinets, wood floors, and wood counter tops. But I also love the plate rack at the end of the counter. This is a perfect solution for storing frequently used plates. Instead of digging in the cabinet, just grab them off the rack. I mean, why put your prettiest plates behind doors where no one can enjoy them?  Here, they’re on display!

Traditional Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts


If I decide to store items in clear canisters, I’m going to add labels similar to these. Especially for the dried beans. I won’t remember which ones are navy or pinto. These would be pretty out on open shelves, too.

9 Ways to Organize the KitchenTraditional Kitchen by Encinitas Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Neat Method San Diego


Hopefully you found some kitchen organizing ideas for your own home. Of course, these can be used in any room of the house.



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  1. I just dream of having a pantry. The one with the ladder is my drool picture on pinterest. I bought upper cabinets like your built-in cupboard. Had to built a lower cabinet myself to set it upon. Sure filled it up fast! When I married my husband and moved in he had tons of the XOX air lock containers like in the second picture. I like how being square they nestle together and also stack. But the tops come off to easy. I don’t know how many times I have ended up with spilled couscous or corn meal to clean up. I like the look of canning jars and have been slowly converting into Quart and 1/2 gallon jars. My shelf’s and cupboard still do not look as nice as these pictures! I did get a few ideas tho. Really liking the wire racks for the can goods.

  2. Oh Jennifer, You’re already thinking of creating great storage space! Great inspirational post! I also need to organize my pantry, storage cabinets, closets…Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. I have never seen more clever storing ideas than those! Everything look so perfectly organized and well stored. I would like to change my kitchen and to look in that way! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Thanks for resharing all of these great pictures/ideas. I now have fewer options for storage so I am always open to better ways to store what I have, especially in the kitchen. I’m not sold on the can racks, though. When I look at that space it seems like stacking the cans behind and on top of each other would make better use of the space. It’s obvious that you’d need a step stool to get to the top shelf anyway, so that would seem to eliminate the chances of the cans falling down on you as you remove them. Sometimes new ideas look really good, but aren’t necessarily more practical. Just sayin’. LOVE the drawer dividers though. An absolute must for any drawer!