8 Easy Ways to Create Curb Appeal

One of my favorite summer activities is going for walks with my hubby and taking in the sights of pretty curb appeal created by mindful homeowners. I’ve never understood why some people don’t plant any flowers for the season … I guess I’m a bit of a flower freak and enjoy adding color to the landscape. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior. Sometimes a few simple touches are all it takes.

Creating Curb Appeal with a Simple FenceThis charming entrance has one unifying element … the color white. The clean lines of the white fence are repeated on the trim of the doors and windows. Take a step back from your own home and look to see if there are similar elements you can accentuate with paint.


Easy Ways to Create Curb AppealThe owner of this historic home has kept their porch simple with a wrought iron bench, wreath, and attractive light fixtures. The details of the trim are set off with an attractive color scheme. Paint stores offer brochures with pleasing color combinations to make your job of choosing exterior colors much easier.


How to create curb appealOn this ranch style home, the amazing double wood doors provide impressive curb appeal, but the homeowner added a twist with a wicker seating area in the front yard. Sometimes a surprise element is all you need to create whimsical curb appeal.


Easy Ways to Create Curb AppealThis gorgeous home has a beautiful arched doorway and intricate gingerbread on the porch. In order to let these architectural details stand out, they kept their porch decor simple. A flag is casually perched in the corner while a graceful eagle takes residence on the porch wall. Just the right touch!


Easy Ways to Create Curb AppealA small front porch is packed with charm by using a simple swing and pretty pillows. You don’t need a large porch or impressive front door to create curb appeal that welcomes visitors to your door.


8 Easy Ways to Create Curb AppealPaint color alone can create impressive curb appeal. This home’s architectural details pop against the purple-blue siding. Windows are trimmed in two colors while a simple flower pot is nestled on the front steps. The landscaping is kept simple so the house can stand out.


Easy Ways to Create Curb AppealBlack wrought iron trim is added to the porch of a classic white house. The black is repeated with the large urn set upon a paved walkway. The red door finishes off the look of elegant curb appeal. Why not consider giving your home a fresh look by painting the front door a fun new color?


Patriotic Curb AppealFinally, this Victorian home is all decked out for 4th of July. Bunting and a flag create patriotic curb appeal. A few large elements like this often make a greater impact than many smaller elements.

For more curb appeal, stop by this Friday for Farmhouse Friday when my farmhouse friends and I reveal our farmhouse porches all ready for summer!


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  3. These are beautiful homes and fine examples of simple curb appeal. Thanks for sharing.

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