Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen and $350 Giveaway

It’s Farmhouse Friday!!  I love Farmhouse Friday which occurs the 4th Friday of each month and includes 5 other bloggers with farmhouse style. This month’s theme is the Farmhouse Kitchen and I’m super excited about it because Polder’s Old World Market is offering $350 worth of their beautiful hand-carved wooden chef utensils to one lucky winner! The entry form is at the end of this post, along with links to my farmhouse blogging friends so you can see their pretty kitchens too!

American Farmhouse KitchenFor me, a farmhouse kitchen is simple and functional.

Not fancy. Not filled with high end gadgets.


Handcarved Wooden SpoonsInstead, you’ll find utilitarian objects with an organic feel like hand carved wooden spoons. I’ve blogged about these amazing chef utensils before from Polder’s Old World Market.


Handcarved Wooden SpatulasMy latest acquisition from Polder’s are these handcarved spatulas made from maple wood. I love the way they feel in my hand with the smooth carved wood. Polder’s is currently offering 35% off their collections and sets through May 31st. But like I said earlier, you can enter to win $350 worth of their products using the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post!


Canning fruits and vegetables in a farmhouse kitchenBack to my kitchen, which has no upper cabinets, just open shelving that we installed several years ago. I was afraid upper cabinets would block all the natural light that flows into the kitchen. Even though this room is on the north side of the house, it always has great light … even on gloomy days.


Elements of a Farmhouse KitchenWhen I decorate my home, I like to add unexpected elements. Like the vintage mirror you see here resting on the counter. Who puts a mirror in the kitchen?  I have 4 in my farmhouse kitchen. Not because I’m vain and like to look at myself … I just like old mirrors, is all. This one is just the right size to cover up the outlet and it helps reflect the light streaming in the windows.


Farmhouse Kitchen Dining NookOn the other side of my farmhouse kitchen is the dining nook. See … here’s another one of my kitchen mirrors. A stoneware crock that I scored at the flea market for $5 sits in the corner by the little painted cupboard. Most of my spices are in that cupboard, which I’ve had for about 30 years now.


Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Nook with Built-in CupboardIf you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably seen my built-in cupboard which is typical of older homes.  The chickens on the table runner are a perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen. Any barnyard animal will do!


Farmhouse Cottage KitchenWhat I love to do most in my farmhouse kitchen is cook … especially making recipes from scratch using vegetables and herbs from the garden.


Farmhouse Kitchen VignetteA few decorative items like an old scale or vintage bowl add farmhouse appeal.


Handcarved Wooden Chef Utensils from Polder's Old World MarketMy favorite decorations are the ones that are functional as well as pretty.


Collection of Farmhouse KitchensBe sure to visit the rest of the bloggers that are sharing their love of farmhouse kitchens!

And enter below to win the $350 giveaway from Polder’s Old World Market!






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Farmhouse-Succotash-Recipe  The Everyday Home  www.everydayhomeblog.com (1)










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  1. I absolutely love your kitchen and all the natural light that radiates throughout! Simple and beautiful! Love!

  2. I’ve been a subscribing for a while, it was your kitchen that caught me first. Then your outside colors! We live in a house of similar vintage, we’ve been here for 32 years and it’s still not the way I want it. After finding you, I have a clear direction and we’re working on it bit by bit. We’ll have it done before we peg out, I think, ha ha ha.
    Thank you so much for your taste and style and generosity, sharing your home with complete strangers, inspiring to better living!

  3. Thank you for giving me inspiration for my own farmhouse kitchen. We have demo-ed the kitchen in our 1893 farmhouse down to the studs and are getting ready to start creating from scratch. Amazingly we have survived a year without a real kitchen (NOT something I would recommend). I am planning on implementing the light and airy color pallet, as well as the open shelving that you have in your kitchen. I would love to have a vintage built-in like yours to work with, but our farmhouse had nothing like that. Maybe when I’m done I can be a part of Farmhouse Friday competitions too. That’s the dream…

  4. OMG, luv ur kitchen. Divine, functional. Splendid. . Wow, prize $350 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous and, although, mine has modern looking appliances and built-in cabinets, there are elements I want to use. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your kitchen is fantastic! I live in a home with built-in cabinets and modern appliances but you have elements I want to incorporate. Thanks for sharing