15 Fall Activities to Enjoy

Even though it’s not officially fall yet, I feel like September ushers in the season with its shorter days and kids being back at school. As you gear up for this popular season, take a moment to plan some fun like these 15 fall activities!

1. Go Apple Picking!

The fresh air will do you good and the activity isn’t too taxing.

Ripe Red Apples in Wooden Bucket

Check with your local orchards to find out what’s currently available on the trees. In our area, orchards list what’s ripe for the picking each week.

Green and Red Apples in Enamelware Pot

2. Take a Leaf Peeping Walk

Get outside once the trees change color and enjoy a walk along a colorful trail or sidewalk.

Fall Activities - a walk along a tree-lined street

Is there anything more enjoyable during the autumn season than colorful leaves crunching under your feet? You could even plan an overnight trip to a campground or a favorite Bed and Breakfast.

Fall Activities - Autumn trees on nature path

3. Gather Dried Flowers and Grasses

While you’re out taking a leaf peeping walk as part of your fall activities, be sure to gather dried flowers, grasses, and other bits of nature. Make a pretty arrangement with them for a centerpiece or vignette.

Centerpiece of Dried Wheat in Burlap Sack

4. Press Leaves for Artwork

Remember lugging out a few volumes of an encyclopedia to press leaves? You can still enjoy this favorite of fall activities and then display the leaves in glass frames.

Colorful Fall Leaves for Craft Projects

Pressed Fall Leaves - Art for the Window

5. Make a New Recipe with the Earth’s Harvest

Try a new fall recipe. Shop a local farmer’s market to find what’s in season. They might even share a favorite recipe with you!

Fall Apple Tart

The newest recipe I’ve tried this season is Butternut Squash Quinoa Chili.

Butternut Squash and Quinoa Chili for Vegetarians

6. Make a Fun Display for Trick or Treaters

Halloween is a ways away, but you can plan ideas now to embellish a porch or walkway for the little goblins that will soon be visiting you!

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Man

If you’re not the crafty type – make a pumpkin stack. Cut off the stems of the bottom pumpkins to better balance the stack. I always have one of these on or near my front porch.

Trio of Stacked Pumpkins

Or simply line small pumpkins up the steps to the front door.

Pumpkins Lining the Stairs to Front Porch

7. Dine at an Outdoor Cafe

While it’s still warm, dine al fresco before bidding goodbye to summer. Wear a sweater or light coat if it’s cool out and enjoy lunch, dinner, or a glass of wine on the patio of your favorite restaurant.

Outdoor Cafe in the Fall

8. Hang a Pretty Wreath on Your Front Door

If you’re feeling creative, make your own fall wreath or buy one locally. Your wreath will beautify your home through Thanksgiving (no need to rush Christmas, right?).

Pretty Fall Wreath on a Red Front Door

9. Take a Drive in the Country

Plan a car trip for the fall and find a new country road to explore. When I was a kid we’d head to Parke County, Indiana, to enjoy the Covered Bridge Festival during the fall season, driving from one covered bridge to the next. But any tree-lined country road will do!

Country Road in the Fall Season

10. Read a Spooky Story

Maybe I’m a kid at heart, but I enjoy haunted house stories and films as Halloween got closer. You might even try watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix!

Reading a Book by Candlelight

11. Enjoy a Bath by Candlelight

Normally I don’t like the shortening of days that comes with the season, but I try to find fall activities to enhance enjoyment of earlier nightfall – like a bath by candlelight.

Vintage Claw Foot Tub - Bath by Candlelight

12. Visit a Local Vineyard and Winery

Grapevines in an Autumn Vineyard

I feel very fortunate to live just 5 miles down a country road from a vineyard and winery. Even though it’s Illinois, all of the wines at Acquaviva are pretty amazing.

Glass of Red Wine - Fall Activities

13. Make S’mores with Friends and Family

I’m a bit of a s’mores snob. I only eat them now if they’re made with homemade marshmallows. They are so much better that way!

Make S'Mores

14. Enjoy the Beauty of a Fall Sunset

Fall sunsets seem more brilliant than any other time of year.

Fall Sunset Against a Tree

15. Go Moon Watching

Head outdoors and enjoy a glowing full moon. It’s almost as spectacular as an autumn sunset.

Full Moon in Autumn

What other fall activities do you like to enjoy?

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  1. Inspiring post! I was outside on my deck earlier today, thinking I should make a cup of tea and sit out there before tomorrow’s wind and rain. . . And now I’m going to do just that! Hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful day, too.

  2. I used to go to the Covered Bridge festival as well. I have not been in five years or so, but I used to enjoy it with my Mother or my BFF.
    We live in the woods surrounded by beautiful trees, mostly yellow, but when the sun comes or or goes down, the light through the trees is breathtaking! Call is my favorite season!

  3. Thank you Jennifer i just got back from a week with my cousins doing a few of those things, the drive was three hours and beautiful. We enjoyed evening outside, long walks and funny stories.

  4. Jennifer,
    Thank-you I really enjoyed this, and the pictures were lovely. Out of curiosity, do you make your own marshmallows?I haven’t had much success with them.
    Have a good day,

  5. I love fall and these photos are just so beautiful. I hope the cooler weather will bring us some respite from the forest fires and smoke. Got to go in search of wooly worms soon so we know what our winter weather is going to be. My Dad swore by the coloring on fall’s wooly worms. Black bands indicate periods of heavy snow and orange bands milder weather.