Fall in Love with Captivating Older Homes in Sycamore

Last week I shared a walking tour of my recent visit to Sycamore, and today, you get to fall in love with even more of the captivating older homes populating this charming midwestern town. As the weeks progress toward Christmas, I hope to capture a few more neighborhoods dressed for the holidays. But for now, let’s wander the streets of Sycamore.

I love the unique windows of this beauty – I want to go on the third floor and see the view from the four little windows in a row. I like that the homeowner painted the front door red to contrast with the yellow siding. Several years ago I shared a collection of red doors on a variety of home styles.

captivating older homes in Sycamore


A large burnt orange charmer enjoys a contrasting green trim. Looking at colors in the paint store, I probably wouldn’t have put this combination together but I really like it. The arched trim over the doorway is a nice detail, along with the large porch to the side. This is a great time of year to get photos of homes because the leaves don’t block the view.

burnt orange historic home


Not all of the captivating older homes in Sycamore are painted in bold and interesting colors. A Victorian cottage looks pretty in all white. Of course, the curb appeal factor is enhanced when you have a full porch and a cute little weather vane adorning the turret.

older white house with turret


Even a brick Victorian style home gets its share of architectural details above the windows and just under the roof line. Note that a brick sidewalk was installed as a way to tie the house into the landscaping.

large brick Victorian home


This next house has worn this same pretty color scheme for many years. I’ve never seen it peeling or in need of upkeep. The owners take great pride in its appearance and it’s always a joy to take a stroll past it. The brick historical marker in front shows it first belonged to a circuit judge. I wonder what the original color was – or if it’s always been green.

green historic home


A beautiful blue house with a gold door features a more contemporary approach to a front porch without a railing. Your eye is naturally drawn to the cheery front door, which matches the hue of the remaining golden leaves on the tree.

dark blue house with mustard yellow front door


A closer view shows the cute “hi” sign on the door.

dark blue house with mustard yellow front door


Sycamore has a few arts and craft style bungalows dotting the streets. This charmer wears the same color scheme as the second house in this post.

craftsman bungalow - captivating older homes


I’m not typically drawn to brick houses but I like this large one with a hip roof and large porch.

large brick four square home


And not all the homes are large. A pale blue cottage enjoys a yellow door.

blue bungalow with yellow door


At first I thought this white farmhouse-style home might be new construction, but the foundation makes me inclined to believe it’s an older renovated home.

white farmhouse in town


Fish scale trim decorates the peak of a Victorian cottage, surrounding the little round window in the attic. When a house has a rich wood door like this one, it’s better left unpainted.

gray and white Victorian house


In addition to an abundance of captivating older homes, Sycamore also has plenty of quaint porches and entryways.

yellow house with green door


A wooden beadboard ceiling adorns a cozy porch with a ceiling fan for warm summer days.

American front porch


A pair of pink upholstered chairs create comfy seating. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy spending time out here?

American front porch



Do you have any favorites from today’s tour of captivating older homes in Sycamore? I think I like the burnt orange Victorian one best.


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  1. My favorites are one, beautiful windows. Five, some on the trim around the windows are the same color as the steps, pretty green color. Nine, small but loved the roof lines on this one. I truly enjoyed this while waiting for my pumpkin bread to cook!

  2. These homes are reminiscent of my home town, Goshen NY. It would be worth your while to visit and photograph the Home of the Trotter!

  3. I like the yellow house best with the green door, though I enjoyed the tour. I love older homes they are built better and they ooze charm. Happy Thanksgiving. !

  4. The white one with the cute weather vane decor would be my favorite but I do love any home with that warm golden ochre yellow on the door:0)….and I love lots of windows. The blue house was a favorite as well BUT they need a porch as it looked not quite finished..the Hi sign almost gets it there though.

  5. Beautiful older homes, so well cared for, each with unique charm. I would love to take that walking tour too. 🙂 … Many blessings, and ~Happy Thanksgiving~ Jennifer, to your family and you.