A Design Twist in a Special Modern Tudor Home

As a general rule, a Tudor house has smaller rooms and is decorated in English style, since the architecture is British and combines renaissance and gothic details. But today’s modern Tudor home by PURE Design Inc. incorporates a fresh design twist that you wouldn’t expect to see. The interiors are on the contemporary side, but still exude a comfortable warmth.

Tudor homes typically have brick exteriors with white stucco, and some timbering to finish it all off. This Vancouver house incorporates wood siding in lieu of the stucco.

Modern Tudor HomePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


A wooden arched door invites you to come inside and look around. A natural broom on the front porch is a whimsical touch. I think I need one on my porch, too. They’re not very expensive. 

wooden arched door on Tudor home porchPhoto by PURE Design Inc.


The modern Tudor home has a bright entryway that features a beautiful staircase in a light wood finish. The entry floor has a fun pattern that sets the color scheme for the rest of the house.

entry way in a contemporary Tudor homePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


A custom cupboard in gray-green paint creates a handy closet for outerwear and shoes. Older homes are often lacking in storage so you have to get creative and provide solutions in new ways. 

entry way in a contemporary Tudor homePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


A green painted brick fireplace surround adds depth and beauty to the small living room. Simple, modern style shelving creates space for showing off collectibles. A leather sofa is always a great choice.

modern Tudor living room with painted brick fireplacePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


A view from the kitchen reveals the dining area with the family room seen in the background. Rather than separated rooms, the interior is fairly open for an older home. However, an archway creates the illusion of separation between the dining nook and family room.

breakfast nook leading into family roomPhoto by PURE Design Inc.


The kitchen continues the use of blonde wood with a herringbone pattern on the floor, which is a fresh design approach for the modern Tudor home. Although Tudor style was popular in Britain in the 1400s, it didn’t become a trend in the U.S. until the late 1800s. It’s easy to see that this pretty house marries Tudor architecture with contemporary styling.

modern kitchen in Tudor homePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


The same gray-green cabinetry seen in the entryway appears in the kitchen. 

gray-green kitchen cabinetsPhoto by PURE Design Inc.


The tile behind the stove is beautiful and eye-catching. It’s nice to have focal points like this in a room. The kitchen is light and airy and makes me appreciate light-stained wood again. 

modern kitchen in Tudor homePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


custom kitchen tilePhoto by PURE Design Inc.


Dark green shows up again in one of the bathrooms. Color is a great way to create cohesiveness within a home, and today’s modern Tudor home does it beautifully. 

dark green tile and white claw foot tubPhoto by PURE Design Inc.


Details like plumbing fixtures can add a lot of personality to a bathroom. I recently installed a vintage style fixture on my claw foot with a hand-held shower option. Tomorrow we’re looking at flooring and wallpaper for the room and I can’t wait to get it done. 

dark green tile and white claw foot tubPhoto by PURE Design Inc.


Today’s modern Tudor home by PURE Design Inc. has unexpected decorating for a house of its age, and it’s beautifully executed. 

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  1. Why can’t they make entry doors like this today? Love it. And I’m also loving the green, one of my favorite colors, but I wonder if they are going to get tired of that and how soon it will look dated? There is a lot of it.