My Farmhouse Christmas Porch

Are you ready for Christmas with less than a week to go? I feel pretty relaxed about the holidays this year. My decorating was done early, allowing me to relax a bit more. I wasn’t going to decorate the porch other than a wreath on the door, but then I got an email from American Farmhouse Style magazine requesting to photograph my Christmas home. My house won’t appear in the magazine until next year’s Christmas edition. The photographer comes next week and my farmhouse Christmas porch will be awaiting his arrival.

My Christmas Porch with a Dusting of Snow


My porch wears a light dusting of snow as winter has comfortably settled in. My favorite Christmas pillow, designed by Lucy at Craftberry Bush, adorns my porch swing. A tiny tree from Wasco Nursery is tucked in a favorite stoneware crock.

Farmhouse Christmas Porch


The magnolia leaf wreath on the chair also wears a light dusting of snow. We’ve received almost a foot of snow and more is on the way this weekend.

Christmas Farmhouse Porch


Last year my pine cone wreath was on the back door. This year it’s been promoted to the front door. Do you prefer to put a wreath or a swag on your front door?

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath


Evergreens and jingle bells are tucked into a wicker basket on my farmhouse Christmas porch. A few red berries add a bit of color.

Farmhouse Porch Decorated for Christmas


One of my large glitter snowflakes add a crowning touch.

Evergreens and Jingle Bells Tucked in a Wicker Basket Adorn a Front Door at Christmas


Hard to believe that Christmas is 6 days away. I still need to get my groceries for Christmas dinner. All my children will be here with their families and they’ve requested a traditional turkey with all the trimmings. Four days after Christmas, the photographer arrives, so I’ll have just enough time to clean and fluff up the house one more time before all the decorations are put away. My farmhouse Christmas porch is ready.

Farmhouse Christmas Porch

Are you hosting Christmas this year, or will you and your family be traveling for the holidays?

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  1. You will be one busy lady for a while! Congratulations on your photo shoot. What is the metal piece below your house numbers? It looks like it could hold a candle. Very pretty…

  2. Lovely! Guess this got you movin’ again.
    Tell me about the tree iin the crock, please. Details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you keep it up straight?
    Does it have a mound of dirt? A container? Can you plant it later?
    Thank you!

  3. Jennifer, we always put a wreath on the front door. I have a lighted swag I use for the fall so the wreath is a nice change. My husband always brings one home when he brings home the tree. A local man here in upstate New York has a tree farm so we always buy from him and his wife makes the wreaths. We really try to support the small businesses in our area so this choice is easy!

    I was wondering what the round brass-looking object is that is hanging just below your house numbers. I’m sure it has some story behind it.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Your Christmas decorations are lovely, inside and out. I don’t decorate much anymore since I’ve reached the ripe old age of 74. For years the holidays were celebrated in my small home with a huge tree and the house decorated inside and out, but now my daughter and son and their spouses – who live close by to each other – have taken on that tradition at their much larger homes and Grandma is just charged with getting there and bringing with her dozens and dozens of everyone’s favorite homemade cookies and candies. Still, for myself, I must have a small tree, something on my front door and a decorated mantle. The holidays are much less stressful this way. If you live long enough, your children will make it easier for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Congratulations on your photo shoot! How exciting! We always put a fresh wreath on the front door and my daughter and her family send us a fresh wreath from the White Mountains in New Hampshire that we put on the inside of the front door. This wreath arrives on December 6 as a Saint Nicholas gift to us! We enjoy having this wreath inside because we see it more. I mist it every day with water to keep it fresh.

  6. Your porch is beautiful and clearly magazine worthy! Congrats to you! Hope all the snow doesn’t melt before the photographer gets there. Lots of rain expected here on Christmas day. . . I’m not at all happy about that! But there’s no fighting the weather, is there? Have a great holiday with your family.

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Seasons Greetings from down here in New Zealand! I love your home and enjoy receiving your regular Town and Country Living updates in my in-box – we share the same aesthetic. But I need your help!! My husband and I (and our two small boys) have just begun what will be a four-six month renovation of our board and batten ‘country cottage’ – it will be almost a complete rebuild. This project has been ten years in the planning and created a lot of stress (and let’s not mention the mortgage!). But it will look AMAZING and I can’t wait till it’s done! Here’s my problem: I have found two potential paint colours I think will be perfect for our new living area…but they are Sherwin Williams paints that are not supplied in New Zealand. I have emailed the company,direct, and messaged them on FB, to ask if they could either arrange to ship me test pots of the two colours or, failing that, just swatch cards would do so I could try and colour-match with a different brand here. But they didn’t respond to one message and seemed unable to help with the other. So – my SOS to you, or anyone else who follows your blog and may be able to help – is whether they might be able to find and send me a swatch card? (I’d cover the costs of course). The two colours I’m keen on are ‘Silver mist’ and ‘Rainwashed’. If there’s any way you might help, I’d be eternally grateful! Merry Christmas to you and all your family ๐Ÿ™‚ Janine.