Farmhouse Fixers and More: Friday Finds #99

How’s your summer going? If you live in an area experiencing a heat wave, I hope that you’re able to find relief. I recently found the joy of kayaking while on a family vacation to Wisconsin. It’s a great way to relax and unwind with nature, or enjoy a good work out. I’ve canoed several times, but never attempted to paddle in a kayak. I loved it so much that I’m taking a lesson next weekend before purchasing a kayak of my own.

Yellow flowers on a summer day emphasize the tranquility of this farmhouse setting.

In addition to kayaking, I found some great treasures this week to share with you. We’ve got a couple of home tours and even a lamb ornament tutorial for your Christmas tree. Now’s a great time to get started on handmade ornaments. That way you’re not rushed when the holidays roll around. Take a look at this week’s Friday Finds – I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

Let’s start with this beautifully comfortable Alabama farmhouse located on a lake that features an outdoor fireplace.

Next up is a cozy cabin makeover with before and after photos so you can see all the details and love that went into this transformation.

Looking to cozy up your bedroom? Check out these 20 cottage-style bedrooms that are sure to fill your head with decorating ideas.

How about this farmhouse fixer in Ipswitch that has beautiful, classic detailing throughout every room? I love the pendant lights above the kitchen island.

Although it’s a bit early to think about Christmas, I couldn’t resist sharing these DIY lamb ornaments that I discovered on Pinterest.

And finally, I have to confess that summer time is reading time for me. Right now I’m making my way through the Tradd Street series by Karen White. It combines the charm and history of Charleston with a bit of spirits that aren’t quite ready to leave the earth. I’m totally entranced with this series!

Stay cool this summer as we head into August. August is when the tomatoes in the garden start to ripen and I can start thinking about canning them. Enjoy your weekend, and do something fun!

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  1. I love the rooms in the farmhouse fixer – right down my alley!! I always wait for a new book by Karen White & enjoy all!!

  2. I love looking at home tours, there’s so much you can pick from for ideas. Yes it has been hot here 100+ degrees for 17 days and finally we have rain and a cool front.

  3. Great little blog tours. Thanks so much! It’s another normal, hot summer day here in North Central Florida. Been here all my life. One of our dearest friends is a climatologist ie. climate scientist. After “retiring” he began historical climate studies. Noticed that all recorded climate history indicates that climate is CYCLICAL. Records indicate that we are moving OUT of a cycle of global warming INTO a cycle of global cooling. Many years ago he began doing weather forecasts for insurance corporations for their budget planning and yearly projected costs, especially regarding weather calamities. He has the highest rate of forecasting success in the industry. He does it by studying the climate cycling. He says that the push for climate control and weather manipulation is dangerous based on projections not taking into account historical weather cycling, esp since we are headed into global COOLING. Historical weather science is simply not there to support continued global warming.
    My take? Growing up without air conditioning, heat in the summer seemed normal. The longer I live in a cooled environment, summer heat seems more inordinate with each passing year. Wink, wink!