Friday Finds #10: A Hodge Podge

Can someone slow summer down for me? It’s flying by way too fast. It seems like I just got home from Saugatuck and here it is, Friday already! And you know what that means – it’s time for Friday Finds.

Sunset on Lake Michigan Near Saugatuck

The above photo is my son Cory watching the sunset over Lake Michigan during our recent trip to Saugatuck, MI. He and his wife Amy are expecting their first child in October. It’s a girl and they plan to name her Charlotte. I can’t wait to meet her! And my middle child Bridget is expecting her third child in November – a boy that they’re naming Cove. It’s gonna be a full house this Christmas!

Before we left on vacation I was tested for the virus. Not because I have any symptoms or was exposed to anyone known to have the virus, but I took the test as a precaution since we had two expecting mamas on the trip.

I was supposed to get results within a week, but when I hadn’t heard anything after two weeks I called the health department. They had no record that I was ever tested! It made me think of people who need test results before going back to work. How frustrating that must be.

Enough of virus talk; here’s a few interesting finds from the week:

I found this absolutely gorgeous bathroom makeover by Jenna Sue. I featured her home on my blog a couple years ago. She’s so talented!

My daughter – the one who’s expecting a boy – wants to paint the outside of her house and is leaning toward dark colors. I happened to stumble upon this post that shows dark exterior house colors.

If you’re in need of a fast and tasty lunch or dinner, check out one of my favorite recipes – Shrimp with Creamy Couscous. Mmmm, so good!

I just ran across an article about cooling weighted blankets on Apartment Therapy and am considering getting one. Weighted blankets are expensive, but they’re worth every penny! I already have one but it’s not a cooling blanket. It definitely helps me sleep better.

Finally, here’s an enchanting Swedish home makeover. You don’t want to miss it!

Here’s hoping you have a safe and enjoyable weekend!!

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  1. You hit a home run! Every post was interesting and inspiring. Jenna Sue is beyond talented! I would have never thought that I would like BLACK houses but they were gorgeous. The shrimp recipe sounds DE-LICOUS. My amazing daughter bought weighted blankets for their family and they, like you, love them. As a pastoral counselor, I would definitely recommend them…and Psalm 91. 😇

  2. I love the bathroom – so colorful and pretty!

    We also just returned from our annual trip to “the lake” in Minnesota. Lovely weather and I was able to sit on the beach and paint most mornings, and photograph sunsets to keep me busy in the fall. I always try to to bring that “at the lake” feeling home to bring some of that peacefulness to everyday life.

  3. I enjoyed all the posts. I actually made myself laugh cause I had picked from the samples the blacks that I liked but then once I actually saw them on the homes the colors I picked I didn’t like and the colors I didn’t pick I liked so go figure. But it made it interesting how a sample can be quite different than actually seeing it fully on the wall. Loved the swedish home and was quite surprised since that is not really my style but this one exuded warmth all over.
    Congratulations to your soon to arrive grandchildren.

  4. I always enjoy these, thanks so much. You are so blessed those babies will be so much fun to cuddle with, all mine are grown i will have to wait for great grands now. Thanks and congratulations.