Summer Vacation in Saugatuck, Michigan

Have you ever visited Saugatuck, Michigan? Our recent family summer vacation there revealed loads of charm in a hip and historic lakeside artist community.

Blue Historic Home in Saugatuck, Michigan

This charming blue home with white trim is a private residence that’s tucked in between shops and restaurants. It seems like an odd location for a home, but it sure is cute – and the garden is lovely.

Private Home and Garden in Saugatuck, Michigan


Flowering Home Garden with White Picket Fence


Right around the corner is “goodgoods” store in a gorgeous old home with ornate corbels, fancy window trim, and a curved porch with three-over-one windows.

Historic Home Turned Trinket Shop in Michigan


Store fronts and restaurants blend in with historic homes throughout the downtown area. All of this beauty sits next to boats docked at Kalamazoo Lake, which empties via the Kalamazoo River into Lake Michigan.

Charming Yellow Home with White Picket Fence


You’ll find plenty of good restaurants in Saugatuck, Michigan and most had plenty of outdoor dining space. The flower boxes are a nice touch.

Coast Restaurant in Saugatuck, Michigan


We also visited Holland, Michigan that had cute store fronts that reminded me of some of the small neighborhoods you find in Chicago.

Threads on 8th - Store in Holland, Michigan


I’m not sure why there’s a cyclist on the front of Wally’s Bar. Maybe that’s what happens when you drink too much and ride your bike.

Wally's Bar in Michigan


Here’s Judson Heath Colonial Inn, a charming bed and breakfast located in the historic district of town. It’d be fun to stay here with hubby for a weekend trip. I wonder if the inn has any ghosts in residence?

White Inn in Saugatuck, Michigan


You’ll find both large homes and cozy bungalows throughout town. Every corner you turn – there’s more eye candy!

Cozy Bungalow along Lake Michigan


Cozy White Lakeside Cottage


You might not be able to read the sign on this cute little gray cottage, but it says “Gray Cottage.” I like that the house numbers are red to match the red insert of the front door.

Small Gray Lakefront Cottage


Most of the homes have attractive gardens. I love seeing how people landscape their yards. I always find inspiration and ideas.

White Historic Colonial House


Saugatuck is a neat and tidy town with loads of character. You can enjoy the charm of lakeside living, unique artisan shops, and a variety of culinary delights. If you haven’t visited this unique little town, I highly recommend it. There are a few public beaches and sand dunes to enjoy, too.

White Victorian House with Front Porch and White Picket Fence

I have more photos of lakefront homes to share with you next week so you can see more of the surrounding areas. But for now, visit my friends below who join me for today’s Cozy Living series which is always the first Saturday of the month.

Also – you still have time to enter to win a copy of Surfside Style – another home decorating book by Fifi O’Neill. See the post about the giveaway here.


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  1. We live in Grand Rapids MI which is just a 40 minute drive to Saugatuck. We try to make this short trip several times a year….to just stroll the streets and visit all of the quaint shops, restaurants and peak into the lush gardens. So many of the gardens have huge hydrangea bushes. They really do well there.
    Thank you for all of these lovely pictures of Saugatuck.

  2. There is always something magical about cottages near the water! Thank you for sharing your vacation memories with us. Having lived near Santa Barbara for over a year I would love to have Fifi O’Neills book on Suefside Living!
    Can you feel the breeze?😎?

  3. Hello, I love Saugatuck, I live in yankee springs area on Stewart Lake during May- Christmas. We have a lovely Nantucket cottage. It is not decorated in side as much as I would like. But my gardens outside is looking great for our fist year here. I would love you to see my place.

    Now I want to take a day trip to Saugatuck, thank you for all the pictures and God Bless you.

  4. I had an aunt who lived in Detroit and she took us to a lot of different places and sites when we went to see her. I don’t know where they were i was young and just had fun. This looks like a lovely place and i love small old towns like these with lots of character and pretty flowers, thanks will be looking forward to more.

  5. Thank you. My family used to go for vacations in Douglas-Saugatuck in the 60’s and 70’s. It was lovely to see the pictures and have a walk down memory lane.

  6. I don’t know why I never got to Michigan much when I lived in Chicago and its suburbs. Seemed as if we always headed north or west. Saugatuck looks like a fun place.

  7. Brings back memories. I lived in SW Michigan for 22 years. Saugatuck was a great little escape. It is very touristy during Summer months and quite crowded. In the Winter, it’s very quiet.
    All the lake Michigan towns, Saugatuck, Holland and South Haven are fun to visit. I will say those cute cottages in town and any lake side property are pricey.