Friday Finds #55: Summer Dreams

Our garden is bursting with colorful flowers and ripening vegetables and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday I harvested the first kohlrabi I’ve ever grown in the garden. This is also the first year we planted brussels sprouts and I’m anxious to see how those tiny cabbages turn out. In the meantime, I’m trying to turn most of my summer dreams into reality. If only summer lasted the entire year!

Sunflowers at Shady Hill Gardens

Earlier this week we had a fun photo shoot at my house. The place where I work came out with a new and super cute tabletop fountain that’s launching at the beginning of 2022. They wanted to use my house as a backdrop for interior vignettes with the fountain. It was fun to have my teammates at my house working together on the project. I’ll be sure to share photos when the tabletop fountain is officially released.

Other than that, the month of July should prove uneventful which is fine by me. I want to spend time out in the garden and taking day trips to explore local areas. Low key living at a slower pace is perfect for the warm days of summer, don’t you agree?

I’ve got another round of interesting Friday Finds! A lot of you enjoyed the haunted house tour from last week’s finds!

FIrst and foremost, if you didn’t enter to win a copy of Visions of Home, be sure to do so. Earlier this week I announced I’d be giving away a free copy.

Do you like before and after photos of home projects? I know I do. Check out this Norwegian cabin makeover that’s sure to charm your socks off!

You’ll find more before and after photos featuring 4 kitchen renovations over at Becki Owens’ blog. She includes the kitchen at Grit and Polish, which has always been one of my favorites!

And finally, you’ll enjoy these 5 tips on how to make a small room feel larger. I follow most of these tips myself, although I did opt for a dark wall color in my family room.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend – although I have to confess there’s a bit of a dark cloud with the recent condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida. I hate when tragic events like this occur, forever changing the lives of the people involved. I pray there might still be some rescues from the rubble.

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  1. Great shares! Yes, the condo tragedy is sooo sad. We got spoiled by several years of no real disasters or national calamities. It’s sad to see them begin again. Seems like shootings are on the uptake also. Keep us posted on your garden and harvests. It’s hard to believe that a year ago folks in some areas were not allowed to grow gardens.

  2. That was fun, I can always use some inspiration or just seeing what others do to their homes, That is sad, pray they are finding more survivors. We have had lots of rain and I have been eating fresh cucumbers in my salads. Have a blessed 4th of July!