Farmhouse Porch: Summer Living at its Best

Summer on a farmhouse porch. Warm breezes blowing through your hair while birds sing in the trees. Squirrels run across the lawn and scurry up a tree before the family cat catches up. Sipping lemonade while ice cubes tinkle inside against the glass you wonder, “Does it get any better than this?” I love summer and my favorite place to enjoy its lazy days is on my farmhouse porch. I’ve gathered up a collection of front porches for you to enjoy, and hopefully gain some outdoor decorating ideas while you tour them.

White drapes soften the entrance of this beautiful farmhouse porch. I’ve often thought to put drapery on my porch, but how in the world do you keep them clean?  If you know how, please let me know!  I do love this porch however, with its little round table taking center stage and potted flowers to greet you as you arrive.

Farmhouse Porch and Summer LivingPhoto by Historical Concepts


How dreamy is this white porch? The architectural details stand out despite the lack of contrasting paint colors. The over-sized lanterns on the steps are a nice industrial touch.

White Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio


Clean lines create modern farmhouse appeal on this stunning home. Pastel Adirondack chairs provide a simple yet comfy place to sit and watch the world go by. Whimsical shutters add a crowning touch.

Farmhouse Porch with Adirondack ChairsPhoto by Bensonwood


Rocking chairs are a staple of any farmhouse porch. While I don’t have rockers on my porch, I do have a glider, which is like the sofa version of a rocking chair. Here again we have the light drapes (do they wash them all the time?) that add softness to this outdoor space with a gorgeous stone wall.

Rustic Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Edwina Benites-LM


Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest impact and this fuss-free porch makes a grand statement. I’m a huge fan of metal roofs like this one (my house has a similar roof) and I love the simple columns devoid of curves and carvings.

Simple Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Lendrum Photography LLC


So I’m goin’ a little rogue by sneaking in a farmhouse porch shown in the fall season. But I can’t help myself because I love the simplicity and rusticity of this home. That big long bench could seat your entire family, and maybe a few friends, too!

Rustic Farmhouse PorchPhoto by JAMES DIXON ARCHITECT PC


How many of you have taken a quick cat nap on the porch? I know I’ve fallen asleep on my glider several times during the summer, even if it’s just for a few minutes dozing off while reading a good novel. If you’re gonna nap, why not include a daybed of sorts on your porch?

Farmhouse Porch with DaybedPhoto by Tim Cuppett Architects


This farmhouse porch (also a fall photo but you can imagine what it looks like in summer) shares a Victorian vibe.

Victorian Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Rikki Snyder


Low country style fills this farmhouse porch with a nod to southern living. It reminds me of our vacations to Hilton Head Island. Expansive porches with ceiling fans and Spanish moss draping from the live oaks nearby. It’s intoxicating and bewitching all at once. I would love to live in the southeast.

Front Porch in Low CountryPhoto by Matthew Bolt Graphic Design


Simple symmetry makes this farmhouse porch sing. If you’re not sure how to decorate, symmetry is a great option because you simply balance each side with the same object.

Symmetrical Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Mary Prince Photography


Flea market style infuses this rustic porch with vintage finds. A rusty chandelier, peeling painted furniture, twig chairs, and slightly worn hounds tooth jute rug all come together to create immense charm.

Flea Market Style Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


Modern country appeal makes this farmhouse porch warm and inviting. An old metal washtub makes the perfect container for outdoor plants and a wicker lamp adds cozy lighting into the evening hours.

Modern Country Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Todd Remington Architect


It doesn’t matter if your porch is large or small. As long as there’s enough space to sit outside, kick your feet up, and relax while you enjoy the bees and butterflies visiting your garden flowers.


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    1. We have a small front porch but it’s big enough for two rocking chairs with little side tables, a bench and some planters. Lots of time is spent out there in almost all kinds of weather and we love it.
      Your collections of porches is just beautiful .Thankyou.

  1. I love these. All of the ideas are inspirational, and they also help me define my style. I finished decorating my apartment balcony weekend before last…before our amazing late May snow…using all faux greenery. I love doing this every spring and think my arrangements are pretty convincing.

  2. The porches are all so charming and inviting! As for the curtains….when you think about it, why are they so different than material on outdoor cushions. I have a pavilion on top of my deck and have a sofa and 4 chairs under it….all with cushions made with outdoor fabric. Also a ton of pillows. And an outdoor rug. Cushions get spot cleaned. Pillow covers get washed. Rug gets hosed off. I would just think you’d wash the curtains at the end of the season.

  3. Love every one of these! Usually I prefer some contrast, but something about that first all white house is so cute, like a cake. These all suggest a life of simple pleasures and slowed down pastimes. Lemonade on the porch, coffee cake or bread in the oven. Children playing in yards. I never see any of that anymore.

  4. I love porches and seeing photos of them. We added one to our home and I love it but have always dreamed of a big old farmhouse with a sleeping porch.

  5. It’s so fun to see porches and what people do with them. I love to spend time on mine, in the mornings my back porch and through the day my screened in porch, sometimes I take my lunch out and eat on my screened in porch.

  6. Beautiful!!! All of them! But let’s be real! Number 1 is over the top gorgeous!!!! And that one requires a gardener and “help” most likely “full time help”! But still fun to see.

  7. I live half my life on my front porch, that’s how much I love it! It says “Come porch sit awhile! Let’s have a tea!” I recently added a a small fire table to mine and it made cool nights just so inviting!
    Where can we get the furniture featured in the porch showing the fans overhead? Love the coffee table and chairs!!

  8. I miss being in the country. A quiet nap on an outdoor swing, bench or daybed would be a day well spent…only pausing to read a few pages from my book. Here, in the suburbs of build a house, gawking neighbors :0)….won’t happen. One day again..yes. These are dreamy porches and love the metal roof lines too. Now days I’d end up with several neighbors who love to chat and sure I love to have a nice chat but when you just wish to enjoy planting flowers and listening to the birds or an iPod podcast on something enjoyable..well, that’s just not happenin’….Lol
    Thanks for showing these Jennifer!! I’ll dream.