Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry: A Giveaway

Want to take a vacation right from the comfort of your own home? Today I’m giving away a beautiful book with gorgeous photos of homes and gardens in the lowcountry region. I’ve flipped through the pages of this hardcover book and thoroughly enjoyed all the architecture and vegetation that the Southeast has to offer.  I’ve visited Charleston, South Carolina and the lowcountry is one of my favorite areas. Take a peek inside the pages of Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry and I think you’ll see why I love it so.

(All images from Historic Charleston & The Low Country by Steve Gross and Susan Daley, reprinted by permission of Gibbs Smith.)

Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry. A photographic book of the area.


If you’ve vacationed in Charleston, this book would be a wonderful keepsake of your trip and worthy enough to grace your coffee table.  When my family and I visited this gorgeous historic city, I remember the enchantment I felt walking the streets. Spanish moss dripping from live oaks, wrought iron garden gates and architectural candy at every turn of the head.

Romantic Street in Historic Charleston


I know many of you share my love of historic homes and would love all the big Southern porches you’ll see walking down the streets of Charleston. You can see plenty of architecture in the book. Flipping through the pages made me feel I was back in the South.

Expansive Porch in Charleston, South Carolina


The expansive porch of Southwinds in Mount Pleasant enjoys shutters and wicker furniture painted “Charleston Green” which is almost black. You’ll enjoy images from inside the house too when you read Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry.

Southern Porch


Inside the book, you’ll enjoy touring the interiors of numerous historic homes, like this front parlor with its rich pine flooring found in the Augustus Taft house, a relative of the president by the same last name.

Front Parlor found in the historic Augustus Taft home


Instantly I fell in love with the primitive appeal of the Martz and Waddell house. It’s a dependency house found behind the main home. Servants slept in the upstairs and worked in the kitchen downstairs.

Historic Martz and Waddell Cottage in South Carolina


One of the things that really struck me when visiting Charleston is the lush gardens you find everywhere. I wonder if the residents know how truly fortunate they are to live in such beautiful surroundings. Carriages used to drive up this alleyway to the back of the Medway Plantation. The trees dripping with Spanish moss create an ethereal scene, with ornamental cannon balls dotting the path.

Allee at the Medway Plantation

Have you ever been to Historic Charleston or other parts of South Carolina?

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry, simply leave a comment below. If you can’t wait to find out if you won, you can also order the book online. The winner will be announced next Friday.

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Want to see a little more of Historic Charleston? You’ll enjoy this 2-minute video sharing some of the highlights:

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  1. I was in Charleston briefly last winter on my way to and from Savannah. I really enjoyed the time between flights – it truly is the nicest airport I’ve ever been in. My husband and I enjoyed relaxing in the comfortable rocking chairs while waiting for our flights. I wish we would have had time to go explore the city a bit.

  2. Jennifer Baron says:

    Charleston is one of my favorite cities ever! I could stroll the side streets for hours and days and never get bored. It oozes charm and calls you to slow down and sip some sweet tea for a spell 🙂

  3. Johann Komurek says:

    Moved to Charleston area from the northeast last October. Best decision we ever made. So busy settling the new house have just started to explore the city, great restaurants, beaches and plantations. Everyone should visit Charleston once in their lifetime! Lots of history here. I have the perfect coffee table to display this book! Would love to display this book for all our visitors to enjoy!

  4. Jeanne Lawson says:

    I have never been to Charleston but would love to go. This book looks so inspirational that I feel like packing my bags. I have been to Savannah, Georgia and loved that city but I have heard that Charleston is even more lovely. My husband loves history so I am sure there is lots related to the Civil War to see there, too.

  5. I LOVE Charleston! Such a beautiful historic city. Love the pictures you posted!

  6. Beautiful photos. We are actually planning a trip to Charleston in June. We have never been there and are looking forward to it. Your post has gotten me more excited. I’ve read some about Charleston but never being there I really don’t know what to expect. It looks amazing.

  7. Like you, I have a love for Charleston and the beauty you see there everywhere.

  8. I went for a short day visit a few years ago and fell in love with the the city, the food, the market. Can’t wait to go again.

  9. Sharon Haught says:

    I visited Charleston many years ago and would like to visit again for a longer time.

  10. Jacquelin Steward says:

    Just returned from Charleston….can’t wait to go back! It is truly a beautiful city and the residents are all friendly and very happy to share “their history” with you.

    I am already subscribing to your posts via email. I always find them very informative. THANK YOU

  11. I would love to visit Charleston and would love a copy of that book!

  12. I love Charleston, wishing I could find a way to move there one day! This books looks beautiful, and really captures the unique beauty of the city.

  13. Oh me, I would love to have this book. I love Charleston and have been there several times, always picking a new coffee table book to mark the visit. Pick me! Pick me!

  14. Karen Robbins says:

    What a beautiful book! We have visited Charleston several times and it is one of our favorite cities. There is so much to see and do there. Their wonderful history is alive everywhere. I’d love to win this book and I’m sure I will be ordering it, too. My daughter loves that area, too so if I would win having two copies of this book wouldn’t hurt a thing. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Stephanie Fredrick says:

    Beautiful! Would love to visit with my daughter!

  16. Deborah Bowman says:

    I love it there. It was my dream to someday retire there. I did a granny and granddaughter trip in 2014 and it will be a memory to never be outdone. I was diagnosed with lymphoma a month later and thought maybe that would be the last time I could visit. God has other plans for me and I feel sooooo blessed to be past the chemo and in remission. i hope to visit next year again. Thank you for posting the pictures………brought back lots of memories!!! Deborah

  17. Charleston is so charming. It is a delight just to walk around , peek through the garden gates and discover hidden vignettes. Totally enjoy visiting every time.

  18. We enjoy our visits to Charleston every time. Wandering the streets, peeking through the lovely garden gates, enjoying the history and culture, as well the food.

  19. Janice B Toepfer says:

    I was in Charleston years ago. So charming and interesting.

  20. Sherri Mailes says:

    We went to Charleston last year and I fell in LOVE with it for all the reasons you mentioned above. Loved the old homes – would like to have toured each and every one!!! I would enjoy looking through this book.

  21. Debbie Grissom says:

    I love the pictures you show of Charleston. I’d Love to have this book. I can’t walk very well anymore so my days of sightseeing are over!

  22. Chris Rittmann says:

    Have been to Charleston almost every year for the past 10 years as my two sisters own a home together on Daniel Island. I absolutely love Charleston–it is not only aesthetically beautiful, but ever so rich with history!

  23. Oh my, I would love to win a copy of this book! I have grandsons in N Carolina and maybe one day I can go get them and we go there and hopefully some of these homes and places.

  24. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I have visited but been a long time. I love all the moss in the tree and the lush green gardens and the food is pretty good too.

  25. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I have visited Charleston before and would love to go again.

  26. I love Charleston! I love to be able walk in the footsteps oh history.

  27. I was in Charleston a couple of years to see my daughter skate with Disney on Ice. What a beautiful and welcoming city! I didn’t have nearly enough time but spent a long afternoon just walking up down the streets and wandering along the Battery. I hope to go again someday!

  28. Kathy Hoover says:

    My husband and I are hoping one day soon to take a trip to Charleston. We have thought Spring would be the best season. Each year ” life” has intervened – last year fighting cancer, this year, our son’s wedding – which, as everyone who has been involved in their child’s Nuptials knows, fills months with happy activity and preparation until the wonderful day arrives. We expect a number of years of Remission so perhaps in the Spring of next year we will be able to plan our “escape” from the cold and muddy weather of our North East “faux spring” and head down to the blossoming beauty of spring in Charleston! We have wanted to see the beautiful homes, the city, the shops and restaurants for years, and to relax in a slower pace and enjoy the famous Southern Hospitality! To win this lovely book would be a very special introduction to Charleston! I would so enjoy looking through the pages with a nice cup of tea through the winter,planning and looking forward to our trip!

  29. Susan Webster says:

    Yes, most of it is beautiful. My sister and niece live in Mount Pleasant. But I have to say that I don’t like the traffic.

  30. There’s nothing like the South….big porches, moss on the trees and sweet tea !

  31. Oh what a great post. I’ve always wanted to go there. Never been to either coast! On my list for a someday vacation!
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. I’ve never been to Charleston, but I’d love to read the book! Beautiful pictures!

  33. I have never been to Charleston and would love to go. This past summer my husband went with his brothers to the area and said it was so beautiful.

  34. I have never been to Charleston, but would love to go. Anything southern is beautiful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Frances Batson says:

    Charleston is a special place and I wish everyone could visit.

  36. Kathy Milliken says:

    I just movies to the Charleston area 2 months ago! It’s a beautiful city! Would love to win this book!

  37. I’ve been to Charleston twice and it’s such a beautiful city. A great mix of everything – would love to go back one day but until then this book would help tide me over 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  38. Margaret Dugaw says:

    The low country is one of my favorite spots on this Earth; it is truly magical.

  39. Beth Weatherford says:

    I have never been to Charleston. I would love to visit some day…but would love the book until I can get there in person.

  40. I’d like to win this because we are planning a trip to that area next Spring and I’d like to learn about what I should see and where to visit. It lookes wondeful!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  41. i would love this book. My friend moved near Charleston. We were there last year . We want to go back and take time to explore the city.
    Thank you.

  42. Candy Weaver says:

    Charleston is my happy place!!!!!!

  43. Spent a week there in August visiting a dear friend and spending time with my Daughter. It is the most historical city ever!
    We took walking tours and tours in horse drawn carriages, went on ghost hunts and to some lovely areas people not from Charleston would never find but we had a “local guide”. The Angel Oak is one of the most beautiful old trees and is purportedly 1400 years old. The next time we go, it will not be in the summer…the heat and humidity are unbearable for ladies of a certain age!!

  44. Oooh LA LA! What a gorgeous book I would LOVE to win. Thank you for the chance to 🙂


  45. I visited Charleston about 30 years ago and toured a couple of the historic houses. What a gorgeous city and what beautiful old houses! I would love to have this book as a remembrance of that wonderful trip.

  46. I remember before we moved to New Braunfels, Texas Charleston was at the top of our list to retire at. The only thing not there is our Grandchildren…..biggest reason we are not there! I love Charleston, grew up near by in Horry County. We took three couples there that had never been to South Carolina about four years ago and they all fell in love. God’s country! I would love this precious book on my coffee table to remind me of growing up there! God Bless, Pamela Graham

  47. Cathy Lackey says:

    I visited Charleston this summer and absolutely fell in love with the area. Already planning another trip next summer.

  48. Charleston is such a gorgeous area. I was there many years ago. This brings back memories of the road trip I took to that area with my daughter and sister. The homes are beautiful and rich with history.

  49. Nice book which would be perfect to enjoy.

  50. Charleston is one of the places on my bucket list! It looks like the perfect place for a ladies road trip. Love old houses and unique history of grand cities in our country!

  51. Love Charleston. Last visited with a dear friend and we toured the city area and enjoyed viewing from the Battery. My sister was born in South Carolina and my brother lived there for many years and a doctor at the University hospital. Being a lover of all things Southern this book would delight my heart.

    With so many adds and popups on my old computer it is hard to view your lovely posts.

  52. When my children were living at home we made many visits to Charleston. Our very most favorite thing to do was take the horse drawn buggy tours. Our “driver” would sometimes go off the beaten path and take us to some interesting and beautiful places. Of course she told us not to tell on her. Too old now to go to Charleston and would love to revisit through your Charleston book give away. Books are such treasurers and can take you anywhere you want to go. I surely do hope I win. THANKS for all tour beautiful posts. Norma

  53. Have wanted to visit Charleston for many years. Hope to still do so, one of these days.

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