The Historic Streets of Sycamore, Illinois

Savannah, Georgia has some of the most amazing residential architecture in the United States, so beautiful that General Sherman didn’t have the heart to burn it down during the Civil War. Travel quite a bit north to a cozy, Yankee town just 60 miles west of the heart of Chicago, whose gracious homes remind me of many found in that historic painted lady of Savannah. Won’t you join me for a walk around Sycamore …

Sycamore is the quintessential slice of home town America.
Friendly neighbors and the comforts of a caring community make this an idyllic place to live.
Grand old ladies with fragrant rose gardens tempt the eye at every turn in the sidewalk.
 This lovely home is undergoing a porch renovation. Two-toned windows with amazing details grab the eye.
A headless statue on the front porch lends an air of intrigue as to what lies inside.
Historic homes have plaques by the sidewalk that relay the original owner,
their occupation, and the year the home was built.
This is one of my favorite homes in Sycamore. The front porch is deeper than most.
The white wicker furniture beckons you to set a spell and enjoy a glass of iced tea.
Two-toned windows and an arched doorway create architectural interest on this Midwestern farmhouse.
Ornate porch details provide much-appreciated eye candy for passers-by.
Grand, stone homes peek out from shaded, tree-lined streets,
providing a nice contrast to their clapboard neighbors.
The owner of this blue beauty reclined on his porch as we strolled by.
We complimented him on his flowers and amazing hostas.
He confessed to having spent the entire day in his garden … and it showed in the lushness of his landscape.
Storybook cottages add charm all their own with winding sidewalks tempting you to come closer.
The quaint streets of Sycamore boast a variety of architectural styles.
A stunning home wears a gorgeous turret and rich color scheme.
Park benches and double wood doors greet the lucky visitor who crosses this home’s threshold.
Sycamore has so many breathtaking homes, my shutter finger was becoming calloused.
Stay tuned for a future post showcasing more homes in Sycamore.

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  1. You have a knack for finding some of the most beautiful houses in Illinois! I have never been to Sycamore but now I would like to!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour…I love looking at old homes. Hop over today and grab my starfish featured button for your blog…yes..you have been featured at NTT.


  3. I love home tours. Hope you’ll return us to the brown house that is having a porch renovation and let us see the finished job. Hope they change the color. It’s lost in all that brown paint.

  4. I am always in love with the homes you post photos of! You certainly have some lovely one in your area. I dream of someday owning a home like one of these! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. These are a work of art,and I mean real meaningful art. Historic beauty has something to say, just like the garden of the man who had been out there all day. It teaches us we have to put a lot of ourselves into what we do to get such rewards back. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and showcase these. We have nothing like this near us. Seeing these is like stepping into another world. Thanks too for stopping at Quirky Vistas and leaving me your sweet thoughts! I’m now following. Come and visit again!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these with us! I can’t believe how many amazing historic homes you found in one place! This has got to be one of my very favorite kind of posts and your photos are fantastic. Did I forget to say “Thank You?”

  7. Thanks for sharing at cowgirl up. I would love to live in any of these houses. We are keeping our ranch, but when my daughter graduates in two years, we’re moving from the suburbs into the city. I hope we’ll be able to buy a historic house like one of these lovelies, but I don’t see many like these here.

  8. Gorgeous! My favs were the the one with the statue on the porch and the last one. And did you see that tree in the last picture? Huge! I wonder how old that tree is and what type. That trunk was really big!
    Thank you for sharing those gorgeous homes. At my age though now all I can see is the work it takes to maintain them and the money! LOL!

  9. Jennifer,
    Thank you for this tour of Sycamore.I have not been there yet.What a beautiful town.LOVE those historical homes.You have to come out to Woodstock.Lots of beautiful historic homes here too.

  10. love old houses…we have many in the area where I live as well ( south of Pittsburgh PA ) and yet I can never get enough of looking at them

  11. I grew up in Sycamore and always loved looking at these grand old homes, dreaming of what it would be like to live in one of them.I had a classmate whose house in Sycamore was once part of the Underground Railroad.

  12. This is my hometown (actually I think the previous poster may be my sister). The old farm house we grew up in was a few blocks east of Somonauk and Main Street, where many of these historic houses are located. I used to walk by them on my way to school. I think one of the houses pictured was my favorite, although it’s hard to tell because if it is, it has been painted a different color. Beautiful photos; brings back memories.

  13. Hello…I’m your neighbor to the west…in Iowa. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Sycamore, IL. What a lovely town! The homes you featured are beautiful.

    Your blog/home are so lovely. I enjoy visiting.


  14. Grew up in a little town just west of Sycamore called Clare, I went to Sycamore schools K-12 and have seen more than just these homes all over Sycamore, very nice community.

  15. I live in Sycamore, and love every moment of it. For those who are interested, once a year many of the historic homes are open for touring. It’s during the festival in late October that we call Pumpkinfest. And I highly recommend it, especially since all the mature trees are in such splendor and frame the residences beautifully.

  16. I lived in sycamore growing up
    I knew many of the people living in these
    Old houses. But now it’s just a yuppie
    Community way overpriced. Turned into
    A bedroom city for Chicago It lost its true