Historic Homes of Geneva, Illinois

Easter weekend brought fabulous weather to our neck of the woods with sunshine and warm breezes. Mind you, we sometimes have snow on Easter Sunday. But it was so nice out that we took a walk in my home town of Geneva, Illinois before heading over to my sister’s house for dinner. The historic homes are beautiful and I never tire of admiring them.

Some of the older homes in Geneva have been converted to stores or offices. I love this old stone house that currently houses an insurance company. It looks smaller from this angle than it actually is.

Historic Homes, Geneva, Illinois, stone house


When you turn the corner, you see the true expanse of this historic beauty.

Historic Homes, Geneva, Illinois, stone house, front porch


And on the porch is a cute cow. The sign says “American Livestock Insurance Company.”

front porch, stone house, historic home, Geneva, Illinois


This gorgeous, white stucco home enjoys three stories of living space.

white house, historic home, stucco home, Geneva, Illinois


Geneva has plenty of white, classic homes – like this Colonial style proudly waving the flag. I could’ve used this photo for last week’s post about picket fences!

white house, historic home, Colonial home, Geneva, Illinois


One of my favorite historic homes in Geneva is this beauty (of course, I have a lot of favorites in my home town). On Easter Sunday, this home had a special surprise in the side yard.

historic homes, Geneva, Illinois, front porch, clapboard house


The owners placed sheep figurines in the yard! I thought these were just adorable grazing in the yard. The porch is looking festive for the holiday, as well.

front porch, grazing sheep, flower boxes, historic homes of Geneva, Illinois


This stately home once belonged to a long-serving alderman. I went to high school with his daughter. Her father passed away several years ago and a new family moved into the home.

historic homes, clapboard house, Victorian house


New to this property is a charming garage with a weather vane on top.

farmhouse style garage, weather vane


Next to the former alderman’s house is this new home. This property used to be part of the alderman’s yard, but was subdivided to add three new houses, each one more gorgeous than the next.

prairie style home, front porch, clapboard siding, dormer windows


Another favorite home is this stone charmer! If you look closely you’ll see the cherubs on the doors.

stone house, historic homes, cottage


Like the first home in this post, when you turn the corner you’ll see that the home is larger than it first appears.

stone house, historic homes, cottage


Another classic white house is this two-story that belonged to my friend’s mother, who was rather famous around town. Her mom was blind and walked all over town with her seeing-eye dog. I once painted her kitchen ceiling and wondered how she’d know if I did a good job. She was the sweetest lady ever!

historic homes, white clapboard, white cottage, flower boxes


A stately, green stucco home enjoys a corner lot.

green stucco house, Geneva, Illinois


Do you like Victorian houses with gingerbread trim and turrets?

Victorian home, painted lady, clapboard siding, gingerbread trim


And yet another stone house with a gorgeous magnolia tree! Perfect for spring.

Historic Homes, Geneva, Illinois, stone house


Heading back into town, we walk down Third Street which is a quaint shopping district. You’ll find gorgeous historic homes turned into stores.

Geneva, Illinois, Greek classic home


Merchants have decorated their porch for spring. Easter Sunday was a perfect time to get photos without people in the way, since all the stores were closed.

Geneva, Illinois, Greek classic home


A cute, blue ice cream parlor chair graces the other end of the store’s porch.

blue ice cream parlor chair, flower box, spring decor


Next door a merchant planted hyacinths in a willow basket.

Geneva, Illinois, Third Street, historic district, historic homes

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of historic homes in Geneva. We now live just 10 minutes west of my home town, but if we move I’d like to go back to Geneva. It’s such a charming town!


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  1. They are ALL so charming, but I absolutely LOVE the stately green stucco one. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing your hometown with us all.

  2. Your hometown is beautiful. It’s like stepping back in time I love the quaintness of the homes and neighborhood.
    Thanks for the hometown tour!

  3. The dark green stucco home was my favorite also. That color is not often seen on homes and it is stunning. Thanks for the historical tour of your home town. Apparently there are lots of great houses to be seen.

  4. I was in Geneva last summer for the one and only time and loved it. I told my daughter if I ever won the lottery (but I never buy tickets 🙂 I’d buy a little house in Geneva. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love Geneva! I think I mentioned once that I used to visit with my grandparents there, and then my mother and I would enjoy outings to Little Travellers. Wonderful memories. I think maybe I should go again. Loved the tour.