Colorful Bathroom Ideas: Go Bold

Have you noticed a trend toward neutral tones when it comes to bathroom design and decoration? Neutrals are typically soft and soothing, but a bright and bold bathroom can be a fun place to start your day. Enjoy this collection of 12 colorful bathroom ideas (grab your sunglasses if you’re not a fan of bold color).

Vibrant Red Bathrooms

An advantage of a claw foot tub is that you can paint it a fun color. Here, the red is toned down with paler color floral canvas paintings and a soft floral curtain at the window.

Red Claw Foot Tub in Colorful BathroomPhoto by


A beach house is a great place to add a fun punch of color in the bathroom. Red and white lobster-patterned wallpaper pairs with white bead board in a powder room.

Red and White Lobster Wallpaper in Beach BathroomPhoto by Chango & Co.


Bold Blue Bathrooms

Most people opt for soft blue in the bathroom, but consider using a saturated hue of blue for knock-out appeal.

Bold Blue and White BathroomPhoto by Studio Z Architecture


Both of these bold blue bathrooms use a playful tile to add pizzazz.

Bold Blue and White BathroomPhoto by Sato Architects


Tickled Pink Bathrooms

Brighten a white bathroom by painting the vanity a bright shade of pink.

Pink and White Traditional BathroomPhoto by Holland Rogers Company, LLC


Or reverse that idea and paint the walls pink while keeping the vanity white.

Pink and White Traditional Colorful BathroomsPhoto by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs


Gregarious Green

Earthy green shower curtains lend environmental appeal to a bathroom dressed with tropical plants.

Tropical Style Green BathroomPhoto by Starr Sanford Design


Another twist to this earthy shade is a bright green vanity in a Mid-Century Modern bathroom.

Bright and Bold Mid Century Modern BathroomPhoto by yamamar design



Sunny Yellow Bathrooms

Yellow is a shade that’s certain to brighten the start of your day.

Yellow and White Contemporary BathroomPhoto by WA Design Architects


Yellow always pairs well with gray or white.

Bright Yellow and Gray BathroomPhoto by Brandon Architects, Inc.


Aqua Tones

A rustic farmhouse bathroom gets brushed with aqua paint as opposed to the expected white.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom in AquaPhoto by Amy Neunsinger

A beach style bathroom echos the aqua tones of the ocean. A geometric floor tile increases the fun factor.

Aqua and White Beach Style BathroomPhoto by Burnham Design


Would you consider adding a bright bold hue to create your own colorful bathroom? If yes, which shade would you choose?


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  1. Neutral is nice, but colour is cool! When we bought our house a new bathroom had just been put in. The whole thing was grey and white. Grey shower tiles, grey floor tiles, grey walls, grey ceiling. Bor-ring! I painted the ceiling white, and the walls a colour called Seacliff. It’s the most beautiful shade of ocean surf. Managed to find towels that matched even. Now it’s like bathing in the sea when I use the huge soaker tub!

  2. My own bathrooms are colorful, though not as bold as some of these examples. I love a bathroom with white tile or beadboard – like the first – then I can change the upper wall color out as the spirit moves me. I also have not been attracted by the gray and white designs. This may be due to my location in the midwest where white and gray can be the outside colors too much of the winter.

    1. Hi Jeanne! My bathroom is that way too – white board and batten on the bottom and then I simply change the upper wall color. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have in the past had mine painted a golden yellow and then a bright blue, but i got tired of them so now paint white but add pretty printed towels and curtain. I am not quite as bold as these examples though, but they were fun to see. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathy! I’m with you. I don’t mind a little color but like anything when over-used, it can be over-bearing. I thought it was interesting how bold some of these rooms were. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I hear you, Deb! If the first bathroom was mine, I’d probably change the claw foot tub from red to more of a deep rose that’s seen in the curtain colors.

  4. I am in love with color! These bathrooms are great. What better place to explode with color than a place you won’t be spending that much time in? That way you can take it in small doses and just perk up a few times a day instead of living in it all day long. Bring on more color in your blog, please. Fun to see.