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The Antiques Sign That Changed My Dining Room

An innocent trip to HomeGoods changed the look of my dining room. I was shopping for a housewarming gift for my daughter, and walked away with an Antiques sign that ended up changing my dining room.

A large wooden Antiques sign jumped out at me from the clearance aisle at HomeGoods. I realized the size was perfect to replace the mirror I had just hung on the wall. It walked out of the store with me.

Antiques Sign in a Farmhouse Dining Room


After hanging it above the board and batten, the thought occurred to me to change the position of the dining table. Months ago, one of my readers suggested doing this but I thought the table would be too long and would interfere with the traffic pattern in the room.

Farmhouse Dining Room Decorated in Country Style


Much to my surprise, rotating the table created more traffic area!  My dining table is now parallel to the console table instead of perpendicular. Puddy roused himself from a cat nap to check out all the commotion downstairs. He always sits on that step to assess what’s going on.

Farmhouse Dining Table and Console


As long as I was in the nest-fluffing mood, I made a few changes to the console table.

Farmhouse Console Table Styled with Baskets and Bottles


Remember when I went on a flower-buying binge at Michael’s? I replaced the pink arrangement in this vase with big creamy flowers from that excursion.

Off-White Faux Flowers and Brown Vintage Bottles


Cream Colored Flower Arrangement


A few of my favorite brown vintage bottles came out from winter hibernation. I love them too much to keep them hidden from view for too long. I believe the color brown can be used any time of year, not just during autumn months.

Brown Vintage Bottles in Farmhouse Vignette


Look how healthy my creeping fig is! I decided it deserves center stage on the farmhouse table, along with a few colored vases from my favorite store in Geneva, Cocoon.

Creeping Ficus in Wood Pedestal Bowl


I really hadn’t expected to walk out of the store with something for myself. But this 47-inch Antiques sign was reduced to just $29! Plus I like it better here than the mirror. Now what do I do with the mirror?

Antiques Sign in a Farmhouse Dining Room


Do you have a story of one item being responsible for a room rearrangement?

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  1. Great piece Jennifer and I like the table in this direction.

    I agree, I think those bottles can be out anytime of year.

    Love the innocent trips to Home Goods.


  2. It looks really nice and fresh, and sometimes that is exactly what a room needs, and so do we.I picked lilacs this morning and i had to change a few things around for them, made me happy.

  3. I like the creamy flowers. Also the brown jugs . As you look around your home you will soon find a place for the mirror. In my last home I had a large mirror in the bath as a reflector to show off my NEW shower curtain lol. It’s truly amazing what we will do when we get an idea. Your new arrangements look great..

  4. I love your sign, it goes just perfect in your lovely room. When I saw your post I thought it was perfect… even on my breakfast room.

  5. The sign really did change the room and I really like it. Everything looks so nice and love the brown bottles. They fit right in with the sign. Good choice! Another winner!