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Add Storage with an Armoire

Today’s homes are typically built with ample storage, but if you live in an older home like me, you frequently find yourself yearning for more places to put your belongings. Why not add storage with an armoire that looks beautiful while keeping your things tucked away neat and tidy? Here’s a few gorgeous amoires I found over at Houzz to give you ideas for pretty storage in any room of your house.

The advantage of using an armoire for storage in your home is that it looks more beautiful and impressive than any closet door. At least, in my humble opinion it does. This one takes center stage on the wall.

Farmhouse Hall by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Adeeni Design Group


Even when tucked in the corner of a room, an armoire can still steal the show! An armoire like this can store your television, hold board games for the family, and store toys in the lower section for small children.

Farmhouse Living Room by Milwaukee Photographers David Bader Photography


Use an armoire in the bathroom to hold linens and toiletries. Get more mileage from an armoire with the addition of hooks on the side to catch robes and towels when not in use.

Bathroom by Wichita Media & Bloggers Keep Smiling Home


A vintage armoire is the perfect fit in this farmhouse style bathroom with claw foot tub. It just takes a little looking around to find the right armoire for your home’s style.

Vintage Style Bathroom by Portland Architects & Building Designers Emerick Architects


Don’t discount an armoire if the wood isn’t in the best condition. You can always give it a coat of paint to breath new life into it. This white one with long doors can be used in a bedroom to hold clothes.

Rustic Family Room by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Dreamy Whites


Use an armoire in a guest bedroom to store extra linens. The glass front doors allow you to showcase your best linens that are reserved for friends and family who come to visit.

Traditional Bedroom


On the other hand … if you don’t want to stress over having everything perfectly folded behind glass doors, simply opt for a solid armoire like this beauty in a honeyed wood tone.

Closet by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen


Is your armoire lacking in height? Mount it atop a sturdy bench! This primitive armoire greets guests at the front door, ready to receive coats behind the doors and shoes inside the drawer. Or simply place shoes underneath the bench where they’re out of the way of foot traffic.

Rustic Hall by Baltimore Interior Designers & Decorators Patrick Sutton Associates


Got an awkward alcove in your home? Tuck an armoire into it for beautiful storage. Painted armoires like this are especially versatile because you can always repaint them if you decide to change the colors of the room.

Closet by Santa Cruz Media & Bloggers Shannon Malone


Create a truly custom look in a room by building open shelves around an armoire! I love the warmth of the wood in the midst of the white shelves.

La Jolla Interior Designers & Decorators Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer

Have you used armoires in your own home for storage?


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  1. Perfect timing on this post, I’m looking for an armoire for my master bedroom! We are moving from a 70s raised ranch with an amazing amount of closet space ( the ppl who built it put in so many great big closets!) to a 97 “farmhouse” with a lot less closet space….I love the house so much I knew I could figure something out! So now it’s on to a serious hunt for an antique armoire! Thanks for the inspiration and great pictures!

  2. They are also a great item for storing craft supplies in. I just wish I had room in my craft room to put one.

  3. I have an old entertainment (TV) armoire that’s been in my garage for almost four years. I plan to paint it and use it as part of my kitchen remodel!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I love Armoire’s. I have one in my guest room and we also have one in our bedroom. The one in our bedroom gives my husband a place to put all of his “stuff” and then the doors are closed and I can’t see the mess. 🙂
    Thanks for this post!

  5. Armoires are such useful and versatile pieces of furniture, whether charmingly old, or new. I hope they never stop making them. I have two, one filled with sewing fabric and the other filled with quilts. I am looking for a third one for the bathroom for towel and linen storage. I guess I just love them!

  6. I have an armoire that is pine old fashioned country the I have huge plans to make French. In a month or so when I begin new drug for my MS hopefully I will feel better to get started. That’s our prayer and plan. Many projects and blogging have taken a back seat


  7. Another blogger I follow recently said armoires are no longer in fashion. At first I was disheartened, but then decided I love my armoire and I have my own decorating style. So, no worries. I gotta admit though, your endorsement of the armoire made me feel better. ???? Shoot, I’m thinking now I’ll buy another armoire for our guest bedroom.

  8. Jennifer, I love your article. I have always loved Armoires. I have 4 and I am always on the hunt for another. They have Huge storage and look amazing in any room.

  9. I have an old tv armoire that I turned into a wine cabinet, with racks attached to hang wine glasses from, and yummy bottles of wine down below where the tv components used to go. I get so many compliments on it! I go back and forth on whether to paint it, as it is beautiful maple.

  10. Fantastic spaces and images. The white armoire would work well as a shabby chic cabinet as well for that type of decor.. Love the idea of using them in different spaces other than the bedroom.