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Transitional Mantel from Winter to Spring

Winter storm Harper is blowing through our neck of the woods and I’m hunkering down with candles at the ready in case we lose power. I’m also keeping our decor simple while we paint a few rooms and pieces of furniture. In that spirit, I created a transitional mantel to last from winter to spring.

Gray Transitional Mantel from Winter to Spring


White ironstone lightens up my vintage transitional mantel while a few houseplants soften the look. The plant is Swedish Ivy and is super easy to grow. I have two of them. They grow fairly quickly and trail beautifully.

Swedish Ivy Houseplant with White Ironstone


I’ve also got a pair of baby tears plants and I love their dainty appeal. This one needs a little TLC. The kitties like to eat the leaves.

Baby Tears Houseplant in a White Ironstone Bowl


I always struggle with decorating the mantel after the holidays come to a close. As I thought about what to do this year, I chose a symbolic transitional mantel. The white ironstone is a nod to white snow. The plants are a hopeful look to the coming spring.

Gray Transitional Mantel from Winter to Spring


The white porcelain flower holds a gardenia scented candle inside. The fragrance is intoxicating.

Gardenia Candle in Porcelain Flower Holder


Right now I’m looking to replace the chairs in front of the mantel. I think I want something a little more vintage looking, so maybe it’s best to wait for the flea market to re-open in March. I really don’t know what I want but I’m open to ideas. It doesn’t even have to be another set of small chairs.

Transitional Mantel with Houseplants and White Ironstone

Stay tuned for more updated decorating. I’ve been busy with paint brush in hand and have lots to show you! Thanks for stopping by and if you’re experiencing Snowstorm Harper, stay safe and warm!


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  1. Love the mantle, just beautiful! I would sip on a cup of tea and admire it 🙂 perfect weekend to do that!

  2. I had thought that Swedish Ivy had gone the way of passing trend plants as I had not seen it in garden stores or nurseries in years. My brother found some a year or so back and began to grow it. I joyfully got some cuttings from him and have enjoyed it ever since! Baby’s Tears were always one of my favorites and you have inspired me to get some again ASAP! I love your transitional mantle and I can’t imagine anything any better than the way you have it staged with the chairs and basket/table. But I do know one thing, if it can look any better, YOU will find the way!

  3. We are getting a visit from Harper this weekend. Sunday our temps are supposed to take a nose dive. On top of snow and rain we are in for major icing.

    Stay warm. Love your mantle


  4. Lovely mantel and i like your plants they are pretty and i guess one is pretty tasty,lol!! Hope the storm isn’t too bad and you finish your painting.

  5. I love both your mantle and the idea behind it – white for snow and green for the promise of spring! I may be borrowing this idea as I’m growing very tired of my “winter” mantel which is actually what I had up for Christmas, minus a red candle. 🙂