How to Make Little Burlap Bags

Little burlap bags can be used for so many things like party favors filled with trinkets or candy, or used as a gift bag to hold a gift card, jewelry, or money. For today’s tutorial, I’m showing how to make small, decorative bags.

Once you make the basic bag, you can embellish it however you like.
These little bags are fairly easy to make, but they do require some sewing.
Start by cutting a 7″x 10″ rectangle of burlap.
Fold it in half, making a 7″ x 5″ rectangle. Sew the long edges together.
Then sew just one of the short edges together.
Fold about 1″ down of the short edge that wasn’t sewn.
Sew about 1/4″ from the raw edge. This will make the casing for your drawstring.
Turn the bag inside out using your finger to push out the corners of the bag.
You’re now ready to add your drawstring.
Using a bamboo skewer or something similar, make a hole in the casing area.
Push the fibers aside to make the hole, being careful not to push the skewer through both layers.
If you want a drawstring at each side of the bag, make another hole on the opposite end of casing.
Cut a piece of twine 20″ long. You could also use sturdy ribbon.
Make a knot in one end of the twine and push a safety pin through the knot.
Push the safety pin and twine through the hole and thread it through the casing.
Go all the way around the bag and slip the safety pin and twine back out the same hole.
Tie the ends of twine in a knot at the ends.
You can choose to use just one drawstring on one side of the bag.
Or you can add a second drawstring on the opposite side using the same technique as the first.
Now comes the fun part … decorating the bags!
A frayed square of drop cloth was stamped with a bird’s nest and glued to the bag.
I added eyelet lace to this little bag and finished it off with a small flower.
The bag on the left also wears a frayed square of drop cloth, along with a crocheted flower.
I’ve got a few more bags to decorate along with a few other burlap ideas in my head.
So you’ll probably see a couple more burlap posts from me in the near future.
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  1. What a cute project! I can think of so many uses for these little bags! I’m pinning to remember this for the holidays!

  2. How lovely! I like the lace one best and cant’ wait to see what your other burlap projects are.

  3. These are so pretty! Time to get my sewing machine ready!

  4. Love this! I think I’ll make one for a chalk bag. I love how you have embellished these!

  5. Cute little trinket bags! I like the looks of the lace against the burlap.

  6. What lovely little bags! They would make wonderful scent sachets for your home.

  7. Jennifer,
    Those are so cute! Wouldn’t that be awesome with gift cards for Christmas. I am making little Christmas stockings out of burlap right now. Can’t believe you had to time to craft with Pondemonium! ha
    I hope you will stop by and enter my Amish giveaway. Have a blessed day!

  8. thanks for the great tutorial, jennifer:) these turned out so very cute, and would be perfect for gift cards!

  9. These are just darling, and I even have a bolt of burlap on hand. Great inspiration:)

  10. These are so sweet! What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  11. so cute mommy! 🙂 you are so crafty

  12. So darling!

  13. These are so cute, I love them.
    You could also do some little ones for Christmas presents, the possibilities are endless ( sorry, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the C word just yet !).

  14. whew! I kept fretting that I would all the sudden see a picture of a sewing machine and then all hope would be lost for me. But knowing it can be done with needle and thread, means even I can do it.
    Love em…Gonna have to make em!

  15. Adorable! I can see where embellishing would be so fun!


  16. aw, those are so cute! And very good instructions 🙂


  17. These are so cute! I love the different embellishments, too! Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. How cute!! I love the embellishments.

  19. These are so cute Jennifer, and I really like the way you embellished them. I keep looking at burlap at the fabric store, but haven’t made the leap yet…you may have convinced me to try. TY for the tutorial.

  20. Oh these are cute ! Lovely work and idea !

  21. These are darling! I love all the embellishments too. I am your newest follower. I hope you’ll stop by Posed Perfection for a visit and maybe even a follow back.
    Have a great week!

  22. Very cute! Nice little gift bags!

  23. This is so cute. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this and any other posts. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. It runs from Wednesday to Sundays.
    I hope to see you there. I am your newest follower, and I would love for your to follow me also. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  24. Your bags are so cute! I love it when people take the time to explain how they did it. Thanks!

  25. I love these little bags, I love burlap!
    Thanks for the tutorial, I will use it.

  26. Very, very cute!! Thank you for the tutorial. They would be perfect for packaging little Christmas gifts.

    Became a follower to keep up on your other great ideas.

    If you get a chance sometime, you’ll have to stop by my blog.

  27. Jennifer,
    Love these sweet little bags!Thank you for sharing this!

  28. I love these, Jennifer! They are so cute and I love the way you embellished them.

  29. I love your little burlap bags Jennifer. There are so many uses for such a handy little bag.

    Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

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  33. Love these bags so cute. Thanks for sharing. I have burlap now I just need to make them.

  34. Jimmie C. says:

    ‘Love the idea! Thank you. I am planning to make small agate jewelry boxes for my Sunday school ladies at Christmas. I already have the sliced agate pieces, and will soon get the plastic boxes for them. Now, I have a nice way to present each and also preserve the agate pieces from scratches. Thank you, again.

  35. These are ADORABLE and I was looking for just this exact thing! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial…these are going to make great favor bags for my friend’s rustic/chic wedding shower, I am so excited! 🙂

  36. Thank you for sharing how to make a burlap bag. I found it to be very helpful.

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