How to Transform Your Space with Your Favorite Vintage Collectibles

Are you a collector? Maybe you’re not a hardcore expert on vintage collectibles, but you have a gathering of a few similar pieces that you can’t pass up at the flea market. See how to transform your space with your favorite vintage collectibles with the ideas shown today.  (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Let’s start with my personal favorite – pottery. I’m a sucker for white ironstone and anything creamy white. I also love Mason Cash which isn’t vintage but is still as pretty as ever. A glass-front cabinet is the perfect place for displaying a collection, but you can also place pitchers on shelves and elsewhere. Try to group them in odd numbers for a pleasing impact.

Kitchen cabinet with vintage potteryPhoto by Daniel Contelmo Architects


Old bread boards always look great displayed on a kitchen counter. If you can’t afford a collection of vintage boards, mix in a few new ones. 

French bread boardsPhoto by Jordana Nicholson


Quilt collecting is fun simply because there are so many patterns and colors available. My mother used to collect Amish quilts which are especially colorful. I currently have a small collection of Kantha quilts that I drape over my couch and chairs like a throw. Here, they look cute folded and stacked on a chair.

Quilts on a chairPhoto by Corynne Pless


Beautiful oil portraits decorate the staircase of an older home. You can find vintage portraits at resale shops, antique stores, and flea markets. I’ve always loved oil portraits but don’t have any in my home. They look great as a gallery wall.

gallery wall of vintage oil portraitsPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design


How about old radios for vintage collectibles? Rather than line them up on a shelf, they’re hung from a wall like pieces of art. Very clever!

vintage radios displayed on a wall like artworkPhoto by Avocado Sweets Design Studio


Another one of my favorite vintage collectibles is old books. I love their colors, their covers, and the yellowed pages inside. I use them to prop things up or add color to a room. In fact, I wrote a post about decorating with vintage books.

decorating with books and vintage collectiblesPhoto by Jute Interior Design


Color lovers will enjoy this collection of old-school lunchboxes! For those of you in my age group, do you remember some of the lunchboxes you had? It was always so much fun choosing a new one every year. The only one I actually remember having was a Dr. Doolittle lunchbox. Look carefully at the shelves – you might see one of your favorites that you carted to school.

Vintage school lunch boxes on kitchen shelfPhoto by Rikki Snyder


A stack of old suitcases looks cool in a pyramid formation, but they can also double as storage, if needed. The only problem is if you need what’s in the very bottom suitcase.

stack of white vintage suitcasesPhoto by Rikki Snyder


Old maps make for great vintage collectibles because they’re easily displayed as wall art. I wrote an entire post about decorating with maps if you want ideas on how to use them to personalize your home.

decorating with vintage mapsPhoto by Rejuvenation


I’ve got more vintage collectibles to share with you, but I’ll save those for a later date. What collected items do you have in your home?

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  1. I love old black and white photography portraits. I have them mixed in with my own family pictures on a stairway wall. I call them my instant relatives (the best kind, because you get to choose them!).

    Of course, I collect many other things. Don’t get my daughters started about my birdcages! The fun is in the hunt and the creative display of collections.

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for shining a light on the endless creativity of humanity.

  2. Ihave some old book, some are old school books i’ve found. I also have a collection of old caster, wooden ones and some are metal. It is fun to collect things and I enjoyed this post.

  3. When we downsized most of my “collections” found other homes. I am now pared down to “types” not “things”, I guess. Blue/white decor, linen or vintage materials, copper pieces, family furniture and items.
    Overall, stuff that we love, enjoy and appreciate now and those left after us seem to think that they, for the most part, will also.

  4. I also love white ironstone and old books. I’d like to get a few more pieces of Ironstone. Favorite pottery is Rookwood and some of the old Van Briggle. That started with a little covered jar my Grandmother had and I used to play with it when I was young. My mother was cleaning out and about to throw it out and I said I wanted it. Then researched the mark on it and learned it was Rookwood from 1923. That started my collection of blue/teal matte Rookwood but it was too pricey to keep it going. For some reason I love the vintage Christmas things and have collected a lot of that. It reminds me of my childhood so that’s probably why. I miss the days of hunting for collections.

  5. Loved looking at this post! I was especially drooling over the cute library ladder in the picture with the vintage books. I collect the old, blue-green Mason jars, books, white dishes (not all ironstone, sadly) and everything sheep! If I’m not in the garden, I’m thrifting or redoing one of my finds. Can’t wait for it to warm up and stop with the snow already! This girl has projects waiting for me out in the garage!