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My house is a disaster these days! Boxes of Christmas stuff are stacked in the living room and I feel like everything is in disarray. We recently purchased a new sectional (more on that later) which led to rearranging the family room … which led to moving stuff around in the living … which led to rearranging the dining room. I need a little rest and relaxation, so today’s post is about decorating with blue. Blue is peaceful and calming and just what the doctor ordered! Here are some inspirational examples I found on Houzz.

Vineyard Haven Architects & Building Designers Sam Sherman Associates, LLC

In the first home I ever owned, I painted the kitchen cabinets this shade of blue.

You don’t often see blue in a kitchen but I love this shade of country blue.


Traditional Dining Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Pale blue walls create a calming dining room. Dark floors create drama while white trim adds crispness.


Traditional Bedroom by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Beach Glass Interior Designs

When I think of the perfect room to be painted blue … it has to be the bedroom!

Its calming hue is perfect for falling peacefully to sleep.


Contemporary Bedroom by Atlanta Photographers Erica George Dines Photography

Another peaceful blue bedroom with a statement bed and a beautiful green table!


Traditional Exterior by Sausalito Architects & Building Designers Heydt Designs

This farmhouse style entryway uses the same hue of blue on both the walls and trim.

Pale wood floors create a coastal vibe.


Eclectic Entry by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Hussein Rady Design

And this entryway brushes a vibrant blue on the doors and stair railing.


Eclectic Bedroom by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Dreamy Whites

If you’re not a big fan of blue, you could simply add a single decorative piece like this mirror.


Dining Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners

Blue and yellow is a classic color combination inspired by the Swedish flag.


Bedroom by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Landing Design & Development

Dark blue on the walls of a small room creates an intimate, cozy feeling.


Kitchen by Santa Rosa Beach Architects & Building Designers Geoff Chick & Associates

I love a bit of black when decorating with blue and it looks great in this kitchen with touches of red.

And that door!!  I love that arched Dutch door.

Looking at these blue rooms makes me feel more at ease … but I’ll feel even better when my mess is cleaned up!

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  1. Blue has always been my favorite color which I never tire of! When I try other color schemes, I always come home to blue.
    Loved these inspirational photos!!
    Mary Alice

  2. All these rooms are so very pretty. I am a fan of blue and yellow together. I have Longaberger dishes in the yellow and cornflower blue. My kitchen cabinets are painted like that first picture above. We need to paint our bedroom soon….maybe I will think about blue. Have a beautiful day!!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Loving the inspiration photos you found. I think the blue will be so pretty and you are right it gives color but keeps the serene feel to the room. I cannot wait to see the new sectional in your family room. Have a great day.

  4. I love the color blue! My very first house was a blue bungalow and the entire interior was done in country blue, antique white, and mauve. (Can you tell it was the early 1990’s? LoL) I am so glad to see blue getting worked back into decorating. My bathroom is done in blue with a nautical theme and I am contemplating painting my bedroom a calm, soothing blue as well. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. Blue has always been my favorite color!! In my first home, we painted the kitchen cupboards a dark blue with black ‘antiquing’ glaze over and added black wrought iron hinges and handles. It was 1969…….then I gave the same treatment to my childhood dresser with 3 drawers, and put it in the dinette area to hold place mats, napkins and such. We used the top as a server for coffee and dessert.

    I am just recently becoming attracted to yellow, pale and pretty………love it with all the reds I use now…….but blue is still my main theme……………gobble, gobble………

  6. The pale blues are my favourites. So calming and welcoming. 🙂 Julie

  7. All such gorgeous rooms, with great style & texture, accessories & accents !


  8. Blue is my favorite color! I love to decorate with blue. It is a very soothing color, and it is a neutral, so every other color looks nice with blue. What color of top goes with a pair of blue jeans? Every color! Our living room is painted a soft grey-blue, our master bedroom is painted the same color blue as the third picture down from the top, and the bathroom is painted in a robin egg blue. I believe blue is the best color for decorating, followed closely by green. And don’t forget red, and white. I love color! 🙂

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