Linen Decorations in the Home

My love for linen goes back many years when fresh out of college, I started working for a high-end women’s clothing store. Something about that organic looking fabric with natural slubs tugged at my heart strings. But clothing isn’t the only way to enjoy this wonderful fabric. Linen decorations look luxurious in the home, too

Billowy linen curtains add special softness to any room and they look fabulous in this long hallway.

Linen Drapes in Farmhouse HallwayPhoto by Pelletier + Schaar

A heavy weight linen is great for upholstery due its strength. It’s a much stronger fabric than cotton. Cotton is my absolute favorite fabric!

Farmhouse Family Room with Linen Chairs and SofaPhoto by Michael Abraham Architecture

A couch with natural linen shows its wrinkles. Wrinkled linen use to bother me until someone said, “Oh, those are a rich woman’s wrinkles.” 

Living Room with Linen FurniturePhoto by Design Manifest

Did you know that linen is used to make dollar bills? It’s true! Dollar bills are 75% cotton and 25% linen. I wonder if that’s why those are my favorite fabrics.

Farmhouse Family Room with Linen Chairs and SofaPhoto by Kemp Hall Studio

You’ll find linen used a lot for slip covers. It’s an easy fabric to sew.

Linen Slip Covers for Dining Room ChairsPhoto by Kemp Hall Studio

I’m currently on the lookout for natural linen curtains for the bedroom, which is getting a mini-makeover. 

Neutral Dining Room with Linen ChairsPhoto by Julie Couch Interiors

And I just received a new linen table cloth and napkins that I’ll share soon. Linen table cloths like the one below are so soft and pretty.

Outdoor Dining with Natural Linen TableclothPhoto by Rough Linen

This table wears a layering of linen decorations. So pretty!

Colorful Dining Room with Linen TableclothPhoto by Coton et bois

Linen napkins make a pretty table setting whatever the season or celebration.

Linen Napkins on Dining Room Table SettingPhoto by John Lewis & Partners

Linen bedding looks luxurious in a soft yet indulgent way. 

Neutral Bedroom with Natural Linen BeddingPhoto by Rothman & Co. | Fresh Linens

While linen decorations in neutral tones are most popular, you can find colorful linen, too.

Colorful Linen Bedding in Contemporary BedroomPhoto by NATALIA ZUBIZARRETA INTERIORISMO

Linen is made from flax and is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Egyptians used it for mummification and the Shroud of Turin that wrapped the body of Christ is also linen.

Neutral Bedroom with Natural Linen BeddingPhoto by Secret Linen Store

I love the look of linen used as a window shade. It provides privacy but allows light to shine through.

Linen Roman Shade in Neutral BedroomPhoto by Coton et bois

I’ve been debating whether to get linen or bamboo shades. My current Roman shades are looking worn and tired. 

Gray Linen Shade in Breakfast Nook - Linen DecorationsPhoto by Ada & Ina – Natural Curtain and Upholstery Fabrics

Do you have any linen decorations in your home? If yes, do the wrinkles bother you?

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  1. HELP! I guess because of linen in summer clothes, I thought it was only for use in summer.
    Doesn’t it have to be ironed????????????
    I too like the look in household items! Give us a good source for bedding, window treatments, and covers.
    I would enjoy the colors as well.
    YOU are the best! Looking forward to more on linen fabrics.

  2. For lovers of the “shabby” look, I noticed a lot of linen that is never ironed. I have a linen pant suit that I love but can’t make myself put it on until it is ironed. Even though it wrinkles quickly I don’t mind the wrinkles if I know it started out pressed! I have an antique linen tea towel with very fancy hand made lace and tassels on the one end which I used on a roller blind in a bathroom. It is now a lovely curtain in the former window of my guest room. Still looks wonderful!!

  3. I also love the look of linen and cotton. It reminds me of a farmhouse . Maybe it is the neutral shades. It sure is pretty.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Laura! Most of the linen curtains I’ve looked at are expensive. I think I’m going to get the Aina curtains in beige. They seem to be just what I’m looking for.

  4. I have some linen i am making curtains out of . I too love linen thank you for all these examples of linen. I”m not sure but aren’t antique grain sack made out of linen? I have some of those and a few old european sheets, i love to sew with these.

  5. I have a set of linen sheets that I absolutely love! The wrinkles used to bother me in the beginning, but they are so soft and comfy I quickly got over that! They don’t get much use in winter, but are my favorite sheets in summer. And linen drapes are heavenly!

  6. Soooo funny you blogged about linen today. I am washing our floor length gathered linen bedspread as I write this!! It was a splurge for me but one that I will never regret. This bedspread and pillowcases just keep getting better!! And the maintenance ease makes up for the original cost. Long live linen and copper ❤️

  7. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I sometimes go to big thrift stores to look for long, flowy
    linen skirts or dresses that could be used to make my own pillowcases and have even used some for seat covers etc! I love looking for older, unused linen hand towels. I guess they were saved for special occasions that never happened?? (Does that speak to anyone?)

  8. I just finished ironing a large wicker basket full of vintage linen sheets, pillowcases, vintage bathroom towels and many kitchen towels. Once you sleep on linen sheets, you will never want anything else!
    Another wonderful fabric is vintage French metis. It is a cotton/linen blend. It keeps you cool in summer yet warms you up in the cold.

    Living in Miami, FL, I wear linen eight months out of the year. I am now a grandmother, but back in the 70’s, when polyester ruled, I bought a beautiful suit in a spectacular linen; sewed in each piece was a label that said, “Guaranteed to Wrinkle”. I fell in love!

  9. How do you feel about using drop cloths opposed to linen? I recently wrote a blog about the beauty of using drop cloths for everything – including slip covers and drapes.


  10. Just found your blog and I am so happy! I love linen. The only time I have it pressed is for napkins. My bed duvet is linen and it comes out of the dryer very soft and only slightly wrinkled in a shabby chic way. The more it is laundered, the softer it gets. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  11. Wonderful photos and information. I’m looking for a corner curtain rod like the one shown in image #2. Would you please share a link?