August Flea Market Finds for the Dining Room

August was a good month for visiting our local monthly flea market. Hubby and I missed the months of June and July so I was in the mood to find some treasures. I already shared my summer mantel lined with the vintage aqua bottles I found. The rest of my August flea market finds found their way into my dining room.

Cow Wall Art for Farmhouse Dining Room


I’ve been searching high and low for just the right cow painting for my dining room. I was finally lucky to find an adorable white cow wall hanging. I layered it over my wheat sign to give it a little more dimension. Isn’t she cute?

Cow Wall Art


While I was at the vintage bottle guy’s booth, I found this larger brown bottle. I’ve been slowly increasing my collection of brown bottles and will add more once we get into the fall season.

Vintage Brown Bottles


And thanks to some of you for encouraging me to go ahead and add the purple vintage bottles I’ve had my eye on. I finally took the plunge! The bottle guy told me that purple bottles turn darker when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Purple Vintage Bottles


For the record, I don’t typically clean the insides of my vintage bottles. I like when they look a little crusty. I do clean the outsides, however.

Purple Vintage Bottles


I pulled out my white ceramic pumpkin to pair with my flea market finds. I love the purple and lavender hues of the bottles; they look pretty with white.

August Flea Market Finds from Kane County Flea Market


I like talking to the vintage bottle guy at the Kane County Flea Market. He has so many great stories about his bottle-hunting excursions, and he knows quite a bit about the history of the bottles he sells. Even his son is a vintage bottle fan.

August Flea Market Finds. Vintage Purple Bottles and a White Cow


I brought a few mums into the house too. I love fall mums and am patiently waiting for the mums in my garden to bloom. The colors of fall are so vibrant and such a special gift we get to enjoy before the snow flies.

Cow Wall Art from the Kane County Flea Market

Did you come across any flea market finds this summer? I’d love to hear what you’re collecting!


Other Flea Market Finds

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White Ironstone and Vintage Mirror Flea Market Finds


Farmhouse Living Room

Kane County Flea Market Finds


Vintage Christmas tree in a trophy cup

Vintage Christmas Flea Market Finds


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  1. I’ve been haunting our GW, and now have a set of Wedgwood, milk glass, and some more pitchers to add to my collection. I am getting over loaded though and need to slow down! Love your Cow, and I’m a bottle lover too. I’ve found quite a few recently, mostly blues, aqua, and green. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I use any color bottle on the window ledge in a sun porch. IF you like the sun shining thru them, don’t for get to hang some glass chandelier crystals on suction cups t reflect the sun. Remember or visit the movie, POLYANNA. to see the use of the prisms. Yes, good kids movie from 2003 with Haley Mills. The bottles and prisms get me thru the Delaware winters!

  3. I use any age or color bottle in my windows on a cap cod house,
    In the sun porch along with the bottles, I hang on tiny suction cups, the glass prisms available from glass chandeliers.
    The sun shining thru the glasses get me thru the Delaware winters as I enjoy the song birds and wild life.
    The prisms were featured in the 2003 movie with Haley Mills, POLLYANA. Watch it today! Great for any age and still available.

  4. I LOVE purple so covet your collection! I decorate both spring (lilacs) n fall w purple leafs n would gladly take these off your hands when you get tired of them…as if! 😉

  5. Love the purple bottles! I have read about the sun affecting the color of certain glass. I know it does for old glass insulators, which I have too many of. Not really, who can too many? I have been collecting small old oiling cans, the thumb press ones. I love the more unusual shapes. The cow is endearing.

  6. After looking at this article I feel like running out and going to some yard sales and flea markets – but I better get dressed first! Still in my jammies.

  7. I love your cow print it is beautiful I have been looking for one but they are expensive I will have to keep on looking thanks for sharing