Lumberjack Party: Bear’s First Birthday

This past November was a special month because my beautiful grandbaby celebrated his very first birthday. My daughter Bridget chose a lumberjack party for his birthday celebration theme which was really cute. I meant to share the event with you all earlier, but then got busy with holiday planning. The party was held at a cute little cabin in Riverside, Illinois and it was decked out with lumberjack decorations. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Prior to the party, we had a photo shoot to get a picture for the party invitations.

Photo Shoot for Lumberjack Party


And here’s our little Boo Bear enjoying his first birthday cake. Yes, my daughter named him Bear, much like Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple. He’s such an easy going, happy baby.

Baby's First Birthday


Bridget found cute little bottle wrappers to match the party theme (sources for party supplies are shown at the end of this post).

River Water Bottle Wrappers for a Lumberjack Party


Birch bark straws with little bear flags were available.

Birch Bark Straws with Bear Flags


She found “bacon on a stick” on Pinterest (I’m glad I didn’t have to thread the bacon onto the skewers).

Bacon on a Stick for a Lumberjack Party


Cute cupcakes with lumberjack party toppers stole the show at the dessert table.

Lumberjack Cupcake Toppers


Lumberjack Cupcake Toppers


Bridget had themed party signs decorating the little lodge. I never realized “flannel” was misspelled until I was editing photos.

Channel the Flannel Party Sign


I’m pretty sure “Treets” is intentionally misspelled.

"Treets" Party Sign


Birthday Sweets Table


And of course, the lumberjack party cake for Bear’s first birthday!

Lumberjack Party Cake for First Birthday


Bear and Daddy had a good time at the party.

First Birthday


So did Bear and Mommy, who was wearing a Mama Bear shirt.

First Birthday


Guests left with a party favor bag filled with sweet and salty snacks.

Lumberjack Party Favors


I never even knew this little log cabin existed until Bridget started searching for a party location. I previously shared some of the gorgeous Riverside homes located nearby.

Little Log Cabin in Riverside, Illinois


Directional signs let party guests know where to go.

Little Log Cabin in Riverside, Illinois


Eating birthday cake is a very serious matter.

First Birthday Cake


I think our little birthday boy enjoyed his special day!  He’s “so plaid you came!”

Lumberjack Party Theme for a First Birthday


The lumberjack party theme was a big hit. What are birthday party themes your wee ones have had?

Lumberjack Party Ideas


Sources for Lumberjack Party Supplies


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  1. Oh, how adorable! Love all the little details and he is so cute. We had a Noah’s ark party when ours turned one. I made a boat cake with animals, a fancy watermelon cut like a boat with added paper sails and served fishies in a little canoe.

  2. Your grandson is adorable. Love all the play on words. Everything is so cute and creative. What a fun day for all of you.

  3. What a cute birthday Party! That little Bear is one adoreable baby. I think Bridget inherited your talent of creative decor. My youngest granddaughter turned 1 last July. Her parents are not really geared towards fancy celebrations (they’re very good at other things)so they had me plan it. We too rented a log house, with indoor swimming pool, and had a vintage little girl theme. It was fun. Here’s a picture I took for the invitations. Well, I can’t get it to post.

  4. Your grandson is sooooooo cute. I was surprised by his name, though. I have a nephew, age 33, whose middle name is Spike on his birth certificate but he has never been called that out loud by anyone except his dad. The party theme was really great and certainly was appropriate for your grandson’s name. I hope he grows up to be a big strapping fellow and grows into his name. Your daughter did a wonderful job and I agree with Nancy, your daughter has a bit of you in her on her creative side. Happy belated b’day boo Bear. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your pictures are so wonderful, it is like being at the party all over again. It was a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing the memories, he is a lucky little boy.

  6. I was so excited to see your post first because we are planning my grandson’s 1st birthday with a lumberjack them as well AND his name is also Bear!!! So many cute ideas. Love all the details.

    1. Hi Jamie!
      I’ll have to let my daughter know there’s another little boy running around with the name “Bear”. It’s not a very common name. Enjoy planning his lumberjack party. It makes for a cute birthday theme!