Making Tissue Paper Flowers

Recently while shopping at two of my favorite boutiques, I discovered the most adorable flowers created with beautiful script tissue paper. One store priced them at $4.95 each while the other store was selling them for $6.50. I figured I could make something similar for far cheaper.

This is my version. The ones in the boutique were better, but I think my creation is a decent runner up.
All I know is, after seeing them in the store, I just had to have some for my own.
I found script tissue paper at Michael’s. I think I paid around $3 for a packet of several sheets.
I already had Martha Stewart’s handy-dandy circle cutter and made 3″ circles.
You can cut through several layers of paper at once in order to save time. I had enough for 6 flowers.
Using a brown sharpie, I drew a line around the edge of each circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
This is the time-consuming part, but it’s also a step that can be skipped if you’re in a hurry.
To make the stem, I used brown floral wire. You could also use pipe cleaners.
Poke your wire up through about 9 layers of circles. Fold over about 1 to 2″ and poke back through.
If you find it hard to make the hole with the wire, you can use a large sewing needle.ย 
The holes should be about 1/4″ apart. Twist the wire around itself under the base of the flower for support.
Now comes the fun part (and yes, I got brown Sharpie on my finger … it’s unavoidable).
Scrunch up each layer of tissue paper and squeeze at the bottom.
Be careful to make sure the paper doesn’t fold and curve the exact same way on each layer.
After scrunching all the layers, lightly fluff them out with your fingers to resemble a carnation.
The florist wire was long so I doubled it up from the bottom and twisted it, which makes it more sturdy.
You could wrap the stem with florist tape if you want to thicken it up.
ย I cut the leftover script tissue paper into narrow strips, scrunched them, and placed them into the jars.
Then I poked the flower into the jar. The tissue hides the skinny stem.
Making paper flowers sure beats having to buy fresh flowers every week for these little vases.
My cost? Less than $1 per flower. You could easily use a variety of tissue paper colorsย 
to make these for birthdays and special occasions. I think kids would love to make these.

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  1. Jennifer,
    I don’t know what the flowers looked like at the shops you first saw these at but yours look great!I am going to give this a try myself.And so much cheaper too.Where did you find Martha Stewards circle maker?

  2. I think your paper flowers turned out great! So cute in the little bottles. I am loving the look of these bottles bundled together in a wire basket…seeing it everywhere and love it and your paper flowers add that little something extra.

  3. So so pretty, Jennifer! I have never ever seen a circle cutter. What a cool tool. I’m so glad you popped over to share your creativity today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week!

  4. Oh, I think they are precious! I wonder if you can make them by folding the tissue like an accordion? The tissue may be too thick. Yours are wonderful! Bonnie

  5. Hi Jennifer – I love the flowers ! They are so different and unexpected! I will definitely have to make some…and here’s a tip for sharpie on the fingers…baby wipes takes it off in a snap. Hugs, Dorinda

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Your flowers turned out beautiful…I just love that script tissue paper. Will have to keep a lookout for it next time I go to Michael’s. Thanks for sharing. Happy May.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Oh I do love a tutorial and this one has the added bonus of being a FLOWER! Great to see you at FP…I am trying to link up but I am not so good at this!

  8. I love those! In fact, when I saw your first picture I thought those were the ones you saw in the store! You did a great job…unfortunately all I have is the brown sharpie! LOL! But since I am so into color right now I might run up to the dollar store and see what they have in tissue paper and make some. I used to make great big ones when I was young…back in the 60’s they were all different bright colors and huge! I can’t wait! I’m so excited! A great Friday activity! And a great way to ignore my REAL responsibilities! LOL! You are SO talented!

  9. I love these and can’t wait to try them out myself! How pretty and affordable! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚ Would it be okay if I posted my finished product on my own blog, The Stylish Songbird? Thanks for such a great tutorial!