More Historic Homes in St. Charles, Illinois

Last week I took you on part of my walk through one of the historic neighborhoods in St. Charles, Illinois. This week I’m sharing the rest of that walk with you. You’ll see mostly bungalow style homes on this part of the tour, but I’ve added a couple others too. St. Charles is right next door to Geneva, which is the town where I was born and grew up. I had several friends in St. Charles and know the neighborhoods very well. In fact, the second home I ever owned was in St. Charles, but it was a new house and we didn’t live there long because I was craving old and charming.

Historic Bungalow Home in St. Charles, IllinoisAsh Street is one of my favorites and it’s lined with several beautiful bungalows. Although the term “bungalow” means different things in different parts of the world, in our area it typically refers to a story-and-a-half home with a wide porch.


Historic Bungalow Home in St. Charles, IllinoisThis blue charmer has a front door painted in a contrasting color.

I’ve always liked this style of home – it looks cozy and inviting.


Bungalow PorchHere’s a close-up of the porch so you can get a better view of the door and the pretty wicker furniture.


Bungalow Style Home in St. Charles, IllinoisHubby and I had to stop and take a second look at this charming bungalow. The landscaping is accentuated by a large carving of a woman’s face.


Tree Stump Carved into Artwork of Woman's FaceHubby said the carving is made from a large tree stump in front of the house.

It’s certainly a conversation piece in the neighborhood!


Historic Bungalow in St. Charles, IllinoisThe first house I ever owned, the Sears Kit bungalow in Geneva, isn’t too far from this charming home on Ash Street. I used to drive by this house all the time, admiring its white picket fence and floral cut-out shutters.


Charming Home in St. Charles, IllinoisI believe this is a newer home, and not an older home that was renovated. I love that the builder kept it in style with the other craftsman style homes on the street.


Charming Home in St. Charles, IllinoisThis Arts and Crafts home reminds me of my first house.

The owners have taken very good care of this home.


Charming Home in St. Charles, IllinoisSo cute! At first hubby didn’t understand how a house can be “cute” but I think he’s finally starting to get it. He also knows that when it comes to houses … it’s all about the cute factor. I have a tendency to choose form over function.


Craftsman style home in St. Charles, IllinoisAcross the street is a similar craftsman style home. Simple and sweet.


Craftsman style home in St. Charles, IllinoisIf you like your home a little larger, you might like this beauty that’s located next door. I wonder if the owners have finished off that third floor with the small dormer windows.


Historic Andresen Cottage in St. Charles, IllinoisThis charming bungalow is known as the historic Andresen Cottage and was built in 1920. I love how the windows on the side of the house open from the bottom. The bay window in the dormer is a nice architectural detail.


Backyard Patio with Turquoise ChairsA winding sidewalk led us from one neighborhood to the next through backyards, and when I saw this patio I had to snap a picture. I love the color of the outdoor furniture! I’ll be sure to take more photos as we go on walks this summer.

What style home do you like best? Do you go for ornate Victorians, craftsman bungalows, classic farmhouses, or something completely different?

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  1. Hi – I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tours of homes inside and out I live in Ontario Canada and we too have some gorgeous old beauties in a town close to where I live. I have been through a few of them and they are so gorgeous. Thank you again. Betty

  2. Lovely homes. It’s funny, I live not far from you in Oak Park and I have completely different idea of what a bungalow is.

  3. How I love these smaller homes! They are like a lot of older neighbourhood homes in the city near us and I much prefer them over new homes. Bungalows here are usually one level. What you call a bungalow we call a ‘story and a half’. Interesting how they styles are called different things in different areas. I like the carved tree stump idea in that yard. Thanks for sharing another beautiful walking tour with us Jennifer. Have a great week.