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Today’s charming home tour features a colorful cottage I found at Houzz.  In fact, I found several homes over there that I want to showcase for you in the upcoming weeks, mixed in with some amazing blogger homes too!  Houzz has a wonderful “embed” feature that allows you to share photos on your own site and I use it from time to time to share design inspiration with you … like this oh so cute cottage home!

Vibrant Westside CottagePhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

I’m starting today’s tour with the kitchen because I’m head over heels in love with this kitchen island/breakfast bar. Lavender isn’t for everyone but in this kitchen, the color works like a charm!  Paired with wicker breakfast stools, it oozes cottage style.


Vibrant Westside CottageAlison Kandler Interior Designhabby-chic style kitchen design ideas

Here’s the view from the other side of the angled island. A handy pantry is steps away and a bold floral rug adds color and softness underfoot.


Vibrant Westside CottageAlison Kandler Interior Design – dining room ideas

More color appears in the dining room of this colorful cottage with its painted chairs and rose-striped rug. The vibrant mix of colors works in the space because the walls are white. A whimsical chandelier adds an element of fun and spacious windows let in plenty of natural light.


Shabby Chic Family RoomPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design

The shabby chic style living room is filled with bright, plump pillows that are balanced by a playful flowered rug.


Colorful Office in CottageShabby-chic style home office pictures

If you’re a fan of color you’ll love this cheery home office space.


Vibrant Westside CottageAlison Kandler Interior Design – entryways

Even the home’s entryway oozes cottage charm. I love the sweet little hats on the wall. In my first home I had an entire wall of hats like this and I always loved that section of my bedroom.


Vibrant Westside CottageShabby-chic style powder room

Is this the cutest bathroom you’ve ever seen? Note how the scalloped sink reflects the scallops of the vanity underneath. The sink looks like a flower, don’t you think?


Vibrant Westside Cottage Shabby-chic bathroom

Colored knobs add whimsy to the master bathroom vanity, while a floral patterned tile floor makes showering fun.


Colorful Quilt on Iron Bed

You might remember the bedroom of this cottage featured on my blog in a roundup of dreamy rooms with pretty quilts.


Vibrant Westside CottageAlison Kandler Interior Design

A collection of quilts lets the homeowner swap out bedding to create a new look in the bedroom.


Colorful Cottage in Santa MonicaColorful Cottage by Alison Kandler Interior Design

If I lived in Santa Monica, I’d want to reside in this colorful cottage. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as me!


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  1. Very colorful and pretty. My favorite color is purple but not sure I could pull it off in the kitchen or live with it for any length of time, but I’m enjoying seeing all the fun colors in this home.

  2. This is sooo cute and cheerful – I really love it, Jennifer!

  3. I love how the homeowner is not afraid of color and puts it together so cohesively.

  4. Valerie Reynolds says:

    Wow! That cottage is absolutely adorable! The epitome of eye candy!

  5. So very colorful and stunning! Love it! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  6. This house makes you smile as you look at each room. Thanks for sharing.

  7. There so beautiful, love the colors and the feeling from each room! Its always nice to pull ideas from rooms like these!

  8. Marijean Jenson says:

    I love this. Although it wouldn’t work in my house, I would not be opposed to having a cute little cottage such as this ! We can dream can’t we ?

  9. What a beautiful home! It would be hard not to be uplifted upon entering this place.

  10. I really love this house tour, thanks for sharing. I liked the white walls, the natural light, and the beautiful colors look so wonderful, who could be depressed in this house?

  11. Patricia Folk says:

    Could you please help me!
    I have tried to subscribe to your blog and I cannot get the banner for “blog loven” off of my screen now on my computer.
    So, I can only see part of screen and it is really slow on my MacBook Air!
    It is so frustrating that I could scream.
    This is so annoying that I want to look at your beautiful blog but cannot.

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