A Nature Walk with the Butterflies

Hubby and I don’t live in the nicest house in town,

but we do live on a quiet street that empties into a winding meadow path leading to the forest preserve.

We often take a nature walk on the path into the forest preserve

making me feel truly blessed to enjoy such easy access to God’s beautiful nature.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly enjoying the sweet nectar of a clover flower.This past Sunday I grabbed my camera and hubby and I took our familiar walk.

I was hoping to snap a few photos of butterflies like this pretty Yellow Swallowtail.


Gravel path through meadow to Elburn Forest Preserve in IllinoisPart of the path winds through this meadow filled with clover and crown vetch.

It winds up a small hill into the wooded forest preserve. You can see rows of corn in the background.


Meadow Path in Kane County IllinoisYou would never know that a thriving little town is on the other side of the tree line.

Our house is just beyond the trees a block from the beginning of the prairie path.


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in Kane County IllinoisThe fields were just full of butterflies drinking nectar from the clover flowers.


Painted Lady Butterfly in Northern IllinoisA painted lady, also known as a Cosmopolite, sat still for a photo.


Painted Lady Butterfly aka CosmopoliteSometimes you just get lucky when you have your camera in hand on a nature walk.


Bumble Bee drinking nectar from cloverThe bumble bees were out, too. Buzzing around in the summer sun with the butterflies.

I’m really going to miss summer … I’m already feeling melancholic that it’s almost over.


Goldenrod seen on a nature walk in Kane County IllinoisBeautiful goldenrod is in full bloom now, signaling the time when kids go back to school.


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on CloverWe had an inspiring nature walk and I was happy to get some butterfly photos.

This coming weekend I think we’ll take a walk on another path to see what else we can find.


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  1. Thank you for taking me along on your walk. I really enjoyed all the pretty things that The Lord has made for us to see. You are blessed to live in town and have a place to walk with all that beauty. Enjoy !

  2. Jennifer, I enjoy seeing where you. It’s always so pretty and full of surprises. Love butterflies. Wonderful creatures and full beauty. Great scenery, thanks for sharing.


  3. Really so nice you can walk down the street on a cleared path like this. This has been an enjoyable summer that I will miss too.