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Fall Florals: A Quick Way to Add Color to Your Home

Fall is probably my favorite time to bring flowers inside the house. Maybe it’s my subtle way of making me feel like summer isn’t fading just yet. Not only that, but the colors are so rich and beautiful that it’s hard to resist passing fall florals without cutting a few stems to add to a vase. Perhaps my favorite arrangement is one created from wildflowers you can cut for free from alongside the road – like the messy arrangement in the tin vase below.

fall wildflowers in tin vase


Artfully arranged flowers are just as stunning as field flowers. Berries, chrysanthemums, and dahlias come together for a bouquet that takes your breath away.

Beautiful autumnal bouquet in vase, apples and berries on wooden table.


It’s fun to mix and match several types of flowers. There’s really no wrong way to go about it. Think about how flowers look out in the field – no rhyme or reason but they’re lovely to behold.

Fall florals - colorful centerpiece


colorful fall florals for bouquets and centerpieces


For a simpler but equally beautiful centerpiece of fall florals, tuck a few golden dahlias (or any fall flower) in a clear vase. Tie a ribbon around the top for added interest.

Yellow dahlias in clear vase with ribbon


Zinnias in glass jar


Sunflowers steal my heart every time. It’s especially rewarding to go to a cutting garden and clip them yourself, although most stores carry them this time of year. I have a big bouquet of these fall florals in my sitting room right now.

sunflower arrangement and pumpkins


Don’t forget to use pumpkins, squash, and gourds as vases. Simply hollow them out and tuck a glass vase inside to hold the flowers.

bits of heather and wildflowers in squash vase


Try something unique like planting succulents inside a pumpkin. Once the pumpkin fades, transplant the succulents into another container.

Succulents arrangement in a pumpkin as a vase


I love this concept of planting calluna, or heather, in a worn, metal tin. Simple and beautiful.

Calluna flowers blooming in silver metal planter


Gerbera daisies are considered a summer flower but they’re perfect for use as fall florals. They can easily compete with the rich colors of sunflowers and zinnias.

fall florals and baby boo pumpkins with a candle


Hopefully these beautiful arrangements gave you some ideas to bring fall color into your home. At the very least, pick a few wildflowers from the side of the road and tuck them into a mason jar.


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