Outdoor Fall Arrangements to Try

Since I’m doing some early fall planting this weekend, I thought I’d look for some inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. In addition to re-planting my flower boxes with flowering kale and asters, I’m also considering fall vignettes for the front porch and backyard deck. Here’s a few outdoor fall arrangements you might want to try too!  (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Outdoor Fall Display with Pumpkins, Crate, Grapevine Wreath, and Lantern

Above, I like the collection of pumpkins nestled in front of an old wooden crate. Nuts, berries, and a grapevine wreath add texture while a red lantern lends unexpected color. This vignette reminds me of a similar fall arrangement (below) that I created for fall and Halloween.

Fall Gourds in a Vintage Crate


Chrysanthemums are paired with geraniums in early fall which is a great idea for transitioning from summer to autumn in your outdoor areas. Fall flowers mingle well with your flowers that haven’t quite faded yet. Small metal house lanterns will add a special glow at night, if desired.

Mums with Tin Houses and Pumpkins on Porch


This might be my favorite of today’s outdoor fall arrangements. A pumpkin is used to weight down cozy blankets on a vintage bentwood chair. A basket of apples is ready for baking pie – which reminds me I need to schedule a time for apple picking at one of our local orchards. I love the red vine against the gray-washed shed. This photo just wraps you up in a big warm hug.

Bentwood chair on porch with plaid blankets, mums, basket of apples, and pumpkins


If you want something easy, plop a large chrysanthemum in a vintage whiskey barrel – or even a bushel basket will do. I don’t know about your area, but mums are pretty inexpensive where I live.

Yellow mums in vintage wooden whiskey barrel


Not a fan of orange and yellow? Try white outdoor fall arrangements for a softer look. That’s the beauty of fall mums – they come in a wide variety of colors. It used to be hard to find white pumpkins around here, but since they’ve been sought after for several years now, all the farmers grow them.

Outdoor fall arrangements - Beautiful white pumpkins and mums sitting on an old vintage chair on a porch in the autumn.


Another unique fall color scheme to try outdoors is lavender and green. My lavender is blooming and you can always find some at the nursery. Green gourds make a nice addition and couple of small orange pumpkins add a shot of warm color. Make your potted plant vignettes more interesting by varying the height with crates, small tables, or baskets placed upside down.

Lavender flowers and fall herbs in wooden boxes


Now this! This is something I would love to have in the middle of my side yard (which is actually an extra lot). If I could find an affordable old wagon, I would do this. Since we live on a corner, I’d even put up a sign telling passers-by to take their pictures by the wagon. Okay – now I really want to find an old wagon!! LOL.

Outdoor fall arrangement of pumpkins in a vintage wooden wagon


What kind of outdoor fall arrangements do you typically have outside? Pumpkins lining the porch steps? Potted mums by the sidewalk? I’d love to hear what you do!


Outdoor Fall Decor Lookbook:

Need help in finding items to add to your outdoor fall decor? Scroll left to right through this inspiring lookbook. Click on images for sources on where to buy.

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  1. Love the crates used in these. I have gourds, pumpkins and a sign. I have mums planted in my yard, one pink and one purple, they are beautiful this time of year. Love these pictures, so pretty and inspiring.

    1. Hi Marlene,

      I’ve tried planting mums in the ground but they never seem to do well the second year. So I just buy potted ones and toss them when they die. I’ll bet yours are so pretty!

  2. When we moved into the city suburbs from the country the local nurseries did not carry mums in the spring. Here, if you don’t plant them in the spring they will not survive thru the winter. Sometimes you can get lucky but I’d never bet on it. I love the sedums in a berry shade with my blue hydrangeas still going strong thru October with my boston ferns. The deep berry mums I like to tuck in and around. I have Coleosaurus coleus (dark wine with lime edges) and lime sedums around our birch tree base and that helps add to the warmth for fall as well. My door wreath went to greens, shades of berry like wine/burgundy thistle, deep blue fake pumpkins, lighter blue small flowers, pine cones, ivory rose heads, deep berry stems, some dried hydrangea and a burlap bow that I tucked a slate blue ribbon behind for color. Nothing new though but always a square..I tend to like squares on this door..hmmm?
    Love the green pumpkin and the white chair surrounded in white pumpkins and greens..nice:0)…oh..go for that wagon Jennifer..what fun would that be!?! Wonderful photos that would make.