Painted Staircase Ideas and Inspiration

For some people, stairs are simply a vehicle to get from one floor level to the next. And then there are some of us who view stairways as a potential work of art. They can add architectural beauty to a home. An easy way to customize a stairwell is with paint. Here’s a few painted staircase ideas to get your wheels spinning on what to do in your own home.

Pale blue and white come together to create a fresh staircase in an old Colonial home.

Country Style Painted StaircasePhoto by Wilson Kelsey Design


A pretty Victorian stairway has painted risers and stained treads.

Victorian Painted StaircasePhoto by Handcrafted Builders Inc.


If you’re feeling ambitious, consider painting stripes or another pattern on your stair risers. You could also get this same look with wallpaper.

Striped Painted StaircasePhoto by Home Cocoon


Painting a runner is another fun painted staircase idea. Stencil numbers on the risers or adhere actual house numbers on the step!

Painted Staircase with Runner and NumbersPhoto by Rita May


There’s no reason you need to stick to one or two colors when painting a staircase. This cottage staircase looks fun and cute in pastel tones.

Painted Staircase in Pastel TonesPhoto by Polsky Perlstein Architects


A bright blue painted runner livens up a traditional staircase.

Navy Blue Painted Runner on White StaircasePhoto by Dulux Paint


Some historic homes (like my own) might have a well-worn stairway. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to hide some of the flaws.

Colonial Home Painted Staircase in Mustard YellowPhoto by Cummings Architects


Consider a monochromatic scheme for your stairwell. This pretty Victorian staircase is peaceful and calm.

Light Gray Painted Victorian StaircasePhoto by A.Jennison Interiors


An all white painted Scandinavian staircase gets a touch of fun with vintage books set at each step. Plants, flowers, vases, and more can easily take the place of the books for decorations on the stairs.

All White Scandinavian Style StairwayPhoto by Antoine Fortin


A cozy staircase in painted in brown and white adds a punch of charm with a built-in bookcase.

Staircase with Built-In BookcasePhoto by Nicola O’Mara Interior Design


If you have a painted staircase, what color(s) did you use?

And if you don’t have paint on your stairs, would you ever consider painting them?


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  1. I don’t have a staircase, but somehow that doesn’t keep me from having an opinion … 🙂 I think the wallpapered risers, especially with the new no paste, removable wallpapers on the market now, is an amazing idea to add some personality – especially to well-worn stairs. I’m anxious to see other readers’ opinions who do have staircases. This was a very interesting post.

  2. Loved each one. That last picture doesn’t look very safe for an older person like me but I’d take it in a heartbeat!

  3. I never can keep my risers white. They keep getting scuff marks from the kids.

  4. Love the multicoloured one.. such fun for kids x

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