Window Shopping: What a House Needs

Window shopping is what I always do when I look at a home to purchase. What I mean is – the windows are one of the most important home design elements in my book. I love lots of windows and the more unique, the better.

Bay window in farmhouse kitchen with country stylePhoto by Hinkley Lighting


I’m the type of person who craves natural light. I also have claustrophobia which probably plays into my need for ample windows so I can see outside. I love the rusticity of this window in a bump-out area.

Rustic wood mullioned window in bump-out nookPhoto by Neptune


Mullioned windows are my favorite. And yes, I prefer all the individual pieces of glass as opposed to the inserts you can buy to place on a large, single piece of window glass.

Two-story Mullioned windows in a charming breakfast nookPhoto by Andrea Schumacher Interiors


Here’s a pair of windows that aren’t heavily trimmed, but I love the height of them. They’re not your typical everyday window and make the room unique even it’s not prettily decorated.

Scandinavian Living room in Gray and WhitePhoto by Boråstapeter


I guess you could call me a window snob, but look at the beauty a gorgeous window brings to any space!  Remember the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles? I’ll take this hall of windows instead.

Hall of Windows in Home EntrywayPhoto by Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction


The very first home I purchased was a Sears catalog kit home and it had a windowed back porch similar to this room. We used it as our breakfast nook and I loved sitting out there.

Small Back Porch Sun RoomPhoto by HARDROCK CONSTRUCTION


How charming is this bump-out that was created with floor-to-ceiling windows? It’s like you’re sitting out in the garden without having to brave the elements.

Light and Airy Bump-Out Breakfast NookPhoto by Hanson Fine Building


Creating beautiful garden spaces just outside your windows makes them that much more enjoyable. This window isn’t super fancy, but it has a fantastic (and affordable) view.

Garden View from a Cottage KitchenPhoto by Sim Barker Interiors


Gorgeousness! Do you see the more contemporary window at the peak of the ceiling? I could live in this room.

Farmhouse Style Breakfast NookPhoto by Lisette Voute Designs


How about soaring windows in a stately home that’s beautifully decorated?

Window Inspiration in a Living Room


When I first looked at my current home, the windows just inside the front door in my entryway captured my heart.

Welcoming Entryway with Wing Chair and Plant Table


And when I saw the windows in my farmhouse kitchen, I knew I’d buy the house despite what the upstairs might look like.

Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen


When my daughter bought her bungalow house, we both loved the windows – and it’s something everyone notices when they get the official tour.

What design element is most important to you when looking at homes? Is there a feature you prefer above all others?



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  1. Jennifer, I enjoyed this post. I love windows too. And fireplaces.
    Your house, with it’s old windows, is beautiful and charming.

    New Hampshire

  2. Your daughter’s place is adorable. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am guessing you may have had a hand in the decor. It is wonderful how window companies can replicate styles from older homes but make them airtight and weatherproof. They can be expensive but a good investment. We spent $30,000 to replace 7 windows. It really helped when we went to sell the house. The new owner replaced the rest of them.

  3. I do love your kitchen and your dining area they have wonderful natural light. That is what i love about a home is the natural light that comes in to make it bright, hate dark houses.

  4. Great point(s) about windows. Our home office is with wrap-around windows. It’s like being outside with all the comforts of being inside. Yep. Windows are so much more important than we realize.

  5. I live in a condo but in a corner unit and wow the windows I have are incredible. I have so many windows that I don’t have many walls to hang pictures lol. But that was for me one of the reasons I love this place is that it has so much natural light, that and the kitchen was big with lots of counter space with 2 windows one huge one that is almost the full wall and sliding glass doors to my patio. I got very lucky at the time I was looking for my home.

  6. I love windows also and the closer they are to the floor, the better. I know it sometimes causes problems when placing furniture, but I’ve always loved ceiling to floor windows. That was the height of elegance to this little girl from the poor side of the tracks. Living in a subdivision as I do, it is necessary to cover most windows, but I still dream of a house with floor to ceiling uncovered windows that you can step out of into a beautiful garden. Yes, I’ve always been a dreamer..

  7. I’m with you, Jennifer. Windows are a priority when I’m house shopping. I must admit windows were a big chunk of our budget when we built our house. I love the sunlight pouring into a room.

  8. I like the bump out area with windows. Just lends itself to a cozy sitting area. We are looking to putting in a new window in our kitchen over the sink. You gave me lots of ideas. Thankyou.

  9. I had to make a new comment about that sweet, powder blue refrigerator in the 8th picture. And the “hall of windows”. Wow.

  10. I love windows too. We built 3 homes and I always wanted large windows in my kitchen over my sink. Never happened until we moved to our country home. Love it. ❤️

  11. I’m with you Jennifer. Windows are my passion also, Thank you for your wonderful Blog.