Pretty Pressed Flower Wax Sachets: How to Make

Are you craving the scent of spring and summer flowers and herbs in your home? Long winter days can leave us yearning for spring and all the glorious scents that warmer days provide. I miss opening my windows and letting the smell of fresh-cut grass or flowering lavender drift into the house. So last weekend I made pressed flower wax sachets to help boost my spirits. (This post contains affiliate linksSee my  privacy policy.)

Pressed Flower Wax Sachets in blue tones


You might be surprised how easy these are to make and you only need a few things to create them.

Supplies for making pressed flower wax sachets


Fill a microwave-safe glass measuring cup with wax flakes and place in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir. Repeat until wax is fully melted. You can add more wax flakes between heating sessions since the wax takes up less space as it melts.

Add approximately one teaspoon of essential oil to the melted wax in the measuring cup. You can add more oil if you want more fragrant sachets. Scent is a personal thing so feel free to be flexible in how much you add.

Carefully pour the melted wax into your silicone mold. I chose a mold that has a spot for holes in the top of the sachet. That way a ribbon for hanging can be added once the wax cools.

Tip: Don’t fill the mold all the way to the top. Leave a little but of space so you have a clean edge to your sachets.

How to make scented wax sachets


The wax will start to turn white as it solidifies. Once most of the poured wax has turned white, start placing your pressed flowers. You might want a pair of tweezers to help place the flowers accurately.

There’s no need to press the flowers down with your fingers. As the wax continues to cool, the flowers will adhere. In fact, if you do press the flowers down with a finger, you’ll leave an indent in the wax.

Let the wax cool for 30-45 minutes before removing the sachets from the mold.

How to make wax sachets using pressed flowers


Slip ribbon or baker’s twine into the hole and tie a loop for easy hanging.

Pressed flower wax sachets with ribbon for easy hanging


You can place the pressed flower wax sachets in a drawer or hang them in your car or elsewhere.

How to make wax sachets using pressed flowers


Making pressed flower wax sachets was such a fun and easy project. I’ll make these again closer to Christmas and will use evergreen-scented oils.


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