A Living Room Update with Linen Drapes

When it comes to windows, I like to keep adornments simple and sweet. I’ve never been one for layered drapery panels or lots of fuss at the window. I’m a huge fan of natural light and prefer to let as much sun shine into my rooms as possible. I always wonder why some people keep their drapes or shades pulled all day long. Since moving into my farmhouse 16 years ago, my living room windows have remained naked, with the exception of simple Roman shades. But that all changed this weekend with Belgian linen drapes.

Painted Desk and Linen Drapes in Farmhouse Living RoomMy favorite window in the house now proudly wears beautiful Belgian linen drapes. As you can see, plenty of sunlight still streams through the window, and I am completely in love with the softness the drapes add to the space.


Cottage Style Living Room Window with DeskHere’s the same living room window a few years ago.  I would define this space as cottage style decorating.


Painted Desk and Linen Drapes in Farmhouse Living RoomNow, this same space is a little more elegant and refined. We have a different desk at the window, and I added a piece of iron scroll work for added architectural appeal. Hubby and I found that piece at a local boutique. I enjoy putting things where they don’t normally belong … just because.


Farmhouse Living RoomIf you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I love natural fabrics. I’ve had both cotton and landscape burlap grace other windows in my home, so when I heard about Belgian linen drapes available online at Barn and Willow, I had no doubt I would love them.


Belgian Linen Drape Samples from Barn and WillowThe drapery samples arrived in a very short time and I was so excited to thumb through them. At first I was leaning toward white, but then decided to go with Natural drapery. I feel like there’s already a lot of white in my home, and I didn’t want the drapes to just blend in. I wanted them to be subtly and elegantly noticeable.


Natural Belgian Linen DrapesThese drapes are fully lined and oh so soft. They were custom-made for the length of my windows … I wanted them to pool ever so slightly on the floor. I didn’t have to wait long at all for the drapes to arrive.

And can you believe my poinsettia from Christmas is still blooming profusely?  The flower loves the light coming into this room. I’m hoping to keep it blooming until summer when I can transplant it outside for the warmer months. Then I’ll bring it back in before it gets cold out. I knew someone who kept her poinsettias year-round like that and they were amazing.


Belgian Linen Drapes in the Living RoomYou can see how the sunlight passes through the linen drapes even though they’re lined. I love that!  My fear is that drapes are going to look too heavy in a room, but these natural Belgian linen drapes are light and airy. Perfect!  The drapes come with hooks so you can suspend them with curtain rings, or simply slide the panels directly on to the rod (which is how I hung them).


Farmhouse Dining RoomI added a pair of the Belgian linen drapes in my dining room too. Since you can see both sets of windows from the living room, I thought it best to match them.

My mother used to say linen would wrinkle if you looked at it cross-eyed, but I love that slightly crumpled appearance. My mother’s home was always pristine and looked like a model home. My house wears a more comfortable, lived-in look. Little Sadie likes the new drapes, too.


Quick Living Room Update with Belgian Linen DrapesI love how easy it was to give my living room a quick update with new linen drapes. They soft and feminine, and still let plenty of natural light shine into the room.

Added Bonus: Barn and Willow has a decorating blog where you’ll find plenty of inspiration!

This post is sponsored by Barn and Willow but all opinions are my own  


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  1. I love how they dress up your windows. I agree with you about letting light in the home yet these don’t interfer. Now I am really thinking about updating my choices in my house, lol.

  2. Your linen panels look gorgeous, Jennifer! Linen has the most beautiful texture, wrinkles and all. Love what your mom says about the wrinkles in linen 🙂 That’s hilarious!! Totally agree about allowing natural light to come through even though I work for a company that specializes in window treatments ;0

    Enjoy your new look and your weekend!