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When I fluff and primp my house, I tend to focus on the small and simple decorating details that can really enhance the mood of a room with little effort. For the most part, the walls and flooring in my house are neutral so that I can add a variety of colors throughout the year, depending on the season. Having said that, I tend to lean toward blues and greens although I just adore the color pink.

Summer flowers in a blue atlas jar atop a decoupaged end table via Town and Country LivingRather than hang this blue vintage mirror on the wall, I propped it on the table and placed a simple flower arrangement in front. The mirror reflects the flowers doubling the impact of color. The decoupaged table holds vintage books below.


Summer flower arrangement of Queen Anne's Lace and Coneflower via Town and Country LivingI purposely didn’t apply much thought to the flower arrangement, opting instead to let them take on a haphazard look. After all, that’s what they look like in nature … sort of tossed together out in the garden.


Blue Ball mason jar filled with branch type pencils via Town and Country LivingContinuing with blue jars, this Ball Mason jar on the desk cradles branch type colored pencils from Home Goods, which were purchased for just a few dollars.


White painted basket holds vintage books via Town and Country LivingNext to the pencils is a garage sale basket painted white, inside and out. A little clay tag hangs from the handle and vintage books are placed inside for future reading. Pencils and books are the perfect decorating details to take residence on top my decoupaged desk.


Blue clock and vintage letters on a decoupaged desk via Town and Country LivingOn the other end of the desk, I’ve added another simple vignette consisting of a small flower arrangement, vintage letters tucked in a rusty spring, and a blue tabletop clock.


Blue tabletop alarm clock from Home Goods via Town and Country LivingI spied this clock at Home Goods and almost didn’t get it because I really didn’t need it. But the color matched some of the scrapbook paper I used to decoupage the top of my desk, so after looking at the clock for what seemed like hours, it came home with me. I used a vintage bottle for the small flower arrangement and added a ribbon of crocheted lace for added interest.

Tip: When grouping small bunches of flowers, an odd number of flowers looks best.


Flowers added to a painted desk chair via Town and Country LivingJust for fun, I added a spray of Purple Sage from my garden to the top of the desk chair, tying it in place with a lace bow.  One of my favorite approaches to decorating details is to add something fun and unexpected.


Queen Anne's Lace in a blue Ball mason jar via Town and Country LivingContinuing with the blue jar theme, a bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace takes center stage in the dining room. I clipped these flowers from a nearby field, so no expense was involved and I think they’re prettier than a store-bought bouquet. In my opinion, inexpensive and simple decorating details are the best!


White ironstone pitcher as a decorating detail via Town and Country LivingAn easy way to get more mileage with decorating details is to move objects around the house. I collect white ironstone and love moving the pieces from room to room, pairing them with other objects to keep my home looking interesting and fresh throughout the year.  Here, I’ve added an old milk glass bottle and a few eggs from my Easter decor inside.  To add another decorating detail, I hung a string of 3-D paper hearts from the shelf above.


Queen Anne's Lace in a blue Ball mason jar via Town and Country LivingIt’s the small and simple decorating details in a room that can really pack a visual punch. Look at objects in your home in a new way and give them longer shelf life by grouping them with something new, or filling them with other objects you have on hand. To give this Queen Anne’s Lace flower arrangement a bit of added interest, I tucked in a few spikey wildflowers. Be creative and you might just surprise yourself at what you can do with the decorating details in your home.

If you’d like some decorating inspiration for your kitchen, be sure to check back on August 22-23 for a Kitchen Details tour. Several bloggers (myself included) are providing a tour of kitchen details. You’re sure to find some inspiration!

Kitchen Details Tour via Town and Country Living

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  1. I love your attention to detail and like you I move things one one room to the next.

    I don’t just move items around the house, I move furniture. My cedar chest has moved from the guest room to the living room to the entryway and now our bedroom – in the last 6 months. It look great in each place, but my husband likes it at the foot of our bed because he can put all his hats in one place.

  2. I love that first table pictured, Jennifer! It’s a perfect size {to me}. I love all your vignettes, too. I’ve been keeping most of the neutrals here, too {we moved in to neutral walls in most of the rooms} because I agree it is easier to decorate around them. I like to bring in more red and warmer colors in the cooler and colder months, while keeping it lighter in feel in the warmer months. I like that with the neutrals in my main pieces and walls I can do that. I had a lot of color in our old house so it feels a bit calmer to me this way, too.

  3. I think it is the little vignettes that make a house a home Jennifer. Fresh flowers, little groupings and treasured items all add to the ambiance of the room. You definitely have a talent for styling and it is always a pleasure to visit your home via your blog.

  4. I love how you do things! In the past, I have taken Queen Anne’s Lace and put them in jars of food coloring water. The stem soaks up the color and turns the “lace” the color that is in the jar. So I have had blue Queen Anne’s Lace, pink Queen Anne’s Lace and all the colors of the rainbow! 🙂 When my girls were little, they certainly enjoyed that project. I enjoy your blog so much.

  5. I am loving the Queen Anne’s Lace – and you picked it growing WILD!!! in a field??? I only can dream of picking something pretty out of a field but we wouldn’t dare tromp through fields here – life-threatening snakes, killer spiders, poisonous canetoads etc etc.

  6. oh the little details are so so sweet! my favorite one though is the little kiss of purple sage on the chair…can you hear my heart fluttering : ) sending hugs and here’s wishing you a perfect day! : )