Fall on the Farm in Southwest Michigan

Hello November! Although the calendar still says it’s fall, Mother Nature decided to dump a few inches of snow on us in time for Halloween. Not fun! But on a positive note, I had the pleasure of visiting my sister and enjoying fall on her farm in southwest Michigan with both my daughters and their families.

Southwest Michigan Cabin Front Porch


Today is cozy living Saturday with my blogging friends and I want to share the wonderful weekend with you all. Because to me, being outdoors in the fall, picking apples, enjoying a corn maze, cozying up on the couch with loved ones – are all things that give me warm fuzzies this time of year.

The photo above is the front porch of the Airbnb cabin we rented just north of Kalamazoo. My sister’s place is in Hastings, about 30 miles west of Grand Rapids. The area is slightly hilly with tons of trees. We were lucky to visit just as most of the trees were reaching peak color. The following pics show the pretty views from the back deck of the house where we stayed. (I’ll apologize now for the number of photos ahead.)


Fall in Southwest Michigan


And just down the road were these fun longhorn cows grazing in the field. I had to pull over to get some photos.

Longhorn Texas Cow


Longhorn Texas Cow


Cows in Southwest Michigan


Farm Cow in Michigan


Our cabin was about 5 miles from my sister’s place, which is Cotant’s Farm Market. In October they offer the typical farm fall activities like a gigantic corn maze, bounce houses and obstacle courses for kids, fresh donuts and caramel corn – you get the idea. My favorite activity was the apple picking in their expansive orchard. The “pink ladies” were ripe and ready for us.

Pink Ladies in Apple Orchard


We also picked Jonagolds, Red Empress, and Golden Delicious. Needless to say, I’ll be doing some type of apple baking or preserving this weekend. Here’s my daughter picking I don’t remember which type of apple.

Apple Picking in Southwest Michigan Orchard


And Little Foo (Forrest) enjoying a Jonagold.

Cotant's Farm Market and Apple Orchard


Cotant's Farm Market and Apple Orchard


The kids had a blast riding the John Deere tractor course and all the other fun stuff. Zoe is trying to stay in front of two of the local boys.

Kids' Tractor Course at Cotant's Farm Market in the Fall


Aiden is helping Bear despite his walking boot (he’s okay now). You can see the zip line in the back – even Bear enjoyed it and hung on the whole way. I just love when the entire family is together like this and am so glad everyone gets along well enough to stay in one house together.

Kids' Tractor Course at Cotant's Farm Market in the Fall


And I have to introduce you to Buffy the farm kitty!

Buffy the Farm Kitty


Here’s a few more images taken along country roads in southwest Michigan. I love the rolling hills and abundance of trees.

Fall in Southwest Michigan


Fall in Southwest Michigan


Fall in Southwest Michigan


Fall Color in Southwest Michigan


Fall Color in Southwest Michigan


Our family returns to southwest Michigan this coming summer but this time we’re staying just steps away from Lake Michigan in a different Airbnb rental home. I’ll leave you with one last shot of fall color from the mitten state.

Red Sugar Maple in Hastings, Michigan


And yes, I did take photos of historic homes throughout the town and will share those in a couple of weeks. For now, enjoy visiting my blogging friends who are also sharing some of their cozy living goodness!


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  1. We have the most blessed country in the world! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Michigan. Such a special time of bonding and memory making for your family. You’ve got some real cuties πŸ™‚

    PS: The farm kitty could me my Max’s twin except Max is all orange. Same head and silky coat. πŸ™‚

  2. Your photos are absolutely beautiful Jennifer! What a gorgeous place to spend time with family. It reminds me so much of my grandpa’s cattle farm in IA. I’m completely envious of these northern falls, so much pretty foliage. Happy November friend!

    1. Hi Amanda! I’ve been to several parts of Iowa and think it’s a beautiful state. I loved seeing the cows when we were in Michigan so I can imagine you enjoyed your grandpa’s farm!

  3. Loved your Michigan photos. We used to vacation in Northern Michigan when my children were growing up and I’ve always loved it as a vacation spot – feeling as though we had traveled much farther away than just one state away from Indiana. To us, Lake Michigan was the ocean. I have good memories there.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos. I loved them all. Seeing the kids made me smile. They were obviously having fun enjoying the fall day. Lovely.

  5. This was such a fun post for me since I know all those photos and landscape well I’ve even pet that kitty πŸ™‚ I was in Hastings the same day you were there, you should have looked me up and stopped over that would have been fun. Maybe next time!

    1. Aw, you were in Hastings? I thought about reaching out to you but we didn’t have a lot of time. I’d also like to check out Liz Marie Galvin’s store, The Found Cottage. Have you been there? I’ll be back in that area again so we’ll have to plan something. Isn’t that cat precious? She’s so fluffy!

  6. That was so fun, to see so i can imagine what fun you had being together and seeing all the beautiful scenery that God provides. I think probably the sweetest apple was that bigger one in that cart, he is so cute. You have a nice family.

  7. I see you have a Hawks fan in the mix. Seattle’s leaves are changing now to those lovely fall colors to enjoy. I love reading your blog and wish you a warm holiday season.

    1. Thank you, Tonya. Yes – he’s a huge Seahawks fan. So is my cousin who lives in Seattle and goes to most of the games! Hope your holidays are wonderful, too!

  8. Oh, wow, these photos are so lovely. They made me feel like I was on this trip in the mountains. How sweet are your grandchildren? LOVED seeing photos of them. Also loved seeing the longhorn cows and pink lady apples have never seen either of those in person but I always buy the pink lady apples at the grocery store. I love how sweet they are!