Spanish City House with Rooftop Terrace

Let’s take a trip to Madrid, Spain to enjoy a bit of sunshine and a beautiful Spanish city house by Coton et bois with a lovely rooftop terrace! The first thing that caught my eye in today’s home tour was a lovely arch leading to the living room. I love anything that makes a home unique, like architectural details.

beach style spanish housePhoto by Coton et bois


Lots of windows is always a plus. Natural light is always more flattering than light bulbs so whenever you can leave the lights off, I feel like that’s a win. The Spanish city house enjoys amazing views from the elegant dining room.

Spanish dining roomPhoto by Coton et bois


Spanish dining roomPhoto by Coton et bois


The family room is truly unique with a character ceiling and painted brick. White walls allow bright colors to pop in this space – but just a touch of color, not too much. What a fun and cheery room!

colorful family room in Spanish city house Photo by Coton et bois


The kitchen is small in size but large in personality. Pendant lights are suspended by rope while rattan bar stools add texture.

small neutral kitchenPhoto by Coton et bois


Painted brick and arched ceilings continue into the kitchen space. A cozy alcove creates a butler’s pantry of sorts.

Spanish city housePhoto by Coton et bois


Now for the amazing staircase! I love that it’s curved, echoing the other curves seen throughout the Spanish city house.

elegant curving staircase in city housePhoto by Coton et bois


Outside, the rooftop terrace provides more expansive views of the city below. Plants and greenery soften the cityscape and creates a bit of privacy.

city terrace dining areaPhoto by Coton et bois


Rooftop residential terrace in SpainPhoto by Coton et bois


You can see more of today’s Spanish city house by Coton et bois (which means cotton and wood).

This year I want to feature different types of homes. So although I lean toward country style in all its forms, I plan to share house styles that are a little different. I also hope to continue to feature homes from different parts of the globe.

Let me know what type of homes you’d like to see featured. I’ll do my best to accommodate!


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  1. Lovely. I see the Moorish influences in this home. I went to Spain many years ago. It was a wonderful experience. I studied Spanish in school and they didn’t seem to understand me but when I used my Spanish in Italy they understood me better. Go figure! Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Beautiful house! Love both the architecture and the decor. I subscribe to British, Spanish and French shelter magazines. I’m sure your readers will enjoy European style.

  3. No matter how small with all the exceptional arches, lighting and stairway it truly is a lovely place, thanks.

  4. My favorite style home is a cottage , no matter where it’s located. Typically I don’t even view the estate types 3000 sq ft and above. They just don’t appeal to me. Different season of lifestyle, I guess.