Australian Beauty: Charming Home Tour

Over 8 inches of snow fell in northern Illinois this weekend and I’m ready to head some place warm and sunny. How about Australia? We’re trekking to the land down under to tour a beautiful home by Adam Cox with both beach and farmhouse appeal!

The entrance of this Australian beauty gives a glimpse of its country charm and rich detailing. The front door is uniquely amazing while the straw hats provide a down-home charm.

Farmhouse EntryPhoto by Adam Cox


Inside the foyer, you can see the pretty colors of the leaded glass. An art deco pendant light enhances the look of the door. A glimpse of the ceiling shows the intricate detailing there, as well.

Grand Farmhouse EntryPhoto by Adam Cox


A pretty crystal chandelier hangs in the living room from another embossed ceiling. Box windows with unique trim let in plenty of natural light.

Traditional Living RoomPhoto by Adam Cox

A comfy reading chair creates a cozy spot for reading. The leaded glass theme continues inside the home on transom windows.

Cozy Living Room CornerPhoto by Adam Cox

A high ceiling in the kitchen provides ample space for an overhead pot rack.

Modern Farmhouse KitchenPhoto by Adam Cox


Step back a bit for a better view of the Victorian style pendant light in the kitchen.

Farmhouse Dining and KitchenPhoto by Adam Cox


Black cross-back farmhouse chairs cozy up to a simple dining table. You’ll find more architectural detail in this space – no need to have a lot of embellishment on the walls. Keeping it simple allows the beautiful bones of this Australian beauty to take center stage.

Modern Farmhouse Dining RoomPhoto by Adam Cox


So far, this is my favorite office space that I’ve ever seen. A tall bookcase comes with a handy ladder and tall doors let in plenty of light.

Farmhouse OfficePhoto by Adam Cox


The handsome desk faces another box window with unique trim. Touches of blue add just the right touch of color. This is definitely my dream office.

Farmhouse OfficePhoto by Adam Cox


A simple bedroom enjoys graphic sheets and pillows.

Beach Style BedroomPhoto by Adam Cox


A gorgeous marble floor sets the stage for a spa-like bathroom. The dark navy paint adds warmth to the space.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Freestanding TubPhoto by Adam Cox


This Australian beauty truly has it all! An ample porch is shaded by palm fronds creating the perfect space for a tropical getaway.

Tropical PorchPhoto by Adam Cox


True to form, the exterior of this classic home is dedicated to pretty details.

Beach HousePhoto by Adam Cox

You can see more of today’s Australian beauty at Houzz.


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  1. This certainly is a wonderful house and i would love to live here but, 6 bedrooms i don’t need or want to clean.

  2. I really love this house – and that wonderful outdoor porch with the furniture that’s begging for someone to take a nap.
    You got 8 inches of snow, I got 1/4 inch of ice on every flat surface. Can’t even venture outside to feed my feral kitties until it begins to thaw this afternoon. I’m so over this winter!

  3. Hello Jennifer, thank you for featuring this stunning house.
    I know this house in fact I was in Ipswich yesterday. It has been beautifully restored by the owner and the builder. This house is a great example of what is known as the classic Queenslander. These old houses especially if untouched are highly sought after. This one is rather special as it appears that the ceilings are original. If original they would be made of pressed metal most likely tin. 6 bedrooms in a house of this type would have been the norm as people had larger families and maybe even a housekeeper back in the 1800s. Numerous smaller versions of this house can be found around the cities. These are called Worker’s Cottages. Often these homes are extended out the back or upwards to allow for modern living as they really are ‘cottages’. The high ceilings and wide verandahs are to cope with the heat much like Plantation houses in the Southern USA. It was 38 degrees C in Ipswich yesterday so surely needed.

    1. Alison – you are so lucky to be in that area where you can walk around and see these beautiful homes – Queenslanders. I was smitten with all the details of this home and I’m sure it was a labor of love to restore. The owners have decorated it beautifully and in such a way that the details really get to shine. Thanks for sharing more information on the area and the worker’s cottages. It sounds like such a charming place!!

  4. So pretty! I love the ceiling panted white with the chandelier In the living room and the beautiful front door with the stained glass!

  5. Imagine my surprise to find my home featured here on an American blog! Thank you for your kind words. It is a stunning home, with nearly all the original features still intact, though some of them took a lot of loving care to get back to this point. 🙂 It’s been a wonderful adventure xx

    1. Hello Nicole!
      I’m thrilled that you visited my blog! I found your beautiful home on Houzz. You’ve done an amazing job with it – I love every inch and corner of your house. The detail is fabulous and you’ve decorated it in such a way to let the home’s great bones stand out. Perfection!

  6. I’ve been to this house – I’m good friends with the owners, Nicole and Adam – and it is absolutely stunning. They’ve both worked so hard to restore the home and have done a magnificent job. How exciting for them both to see it featured on your blog!

    1. Hello Kirsten!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I found Nicole and Adam’s home over at Houzz. I love all the amazing detail and the way it’s decorated. It’s just stunning! My readers loved it!