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Spring Dining Room in Blue and White

A couple weeks ago my hubby excitedly walked through the door and told me about a new thrift store just 10 minutes from our house. Yes, hubby likes scouring the thrift stores just as much as I do and he was anxious for me to see it. It’s a huge store and I found a special treasure which became my inspiration for creating a spring dining room in blue in white.

Blue and White Vintage TableclothThis blue and white damask style fabric caught my eye where all the textiles were hanging.

I pulled the tablecloth out and was happy to see how big it was … and no holes or stains!


Damask Tablecloth in Blue and WhiteI love the little fruit and vine pattern and the feel of this fabric is like a soft tea towel. It’s printed on both sides which makes me think it’s damask, but I’m not sure of it’s age.


Spring Dining Room in Blue and White. The vintage tablecloth was the inspiration .For just $3, I had to bring it home with me.

I’ve always loved a classic blue and white color scheme.


Cottage Style Spring Dining Room in Blue and WhiteBlue and white looks so fresh and gives my farmhouse dining room a cottage vibe.


Farmhouse Dining Room dressed for spring in blue and white.Even though there’s snow on the ground outside, it feels springtime fresh inside with the sun streaming in through all the windows.


Blue and White Table Setting in Farmhouse Dining RoomWe could have warmer breezes in just a month and a half. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Blue and White Dishes with Vintage Damask TableclothMy blue and white mismatched dishes go perfectly with my $3 thrift store tablecloth.


Blue and White Farmhouse Dining RoomIt might be cold outside, but inside I can enjoy my spring dining room in blue and white.

What colors do you use to freshen your house for spring?

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  1. Woke up to -7 degrees this morning in the East….seeing such beautiful spring time inspiration on your blog GAVE HOPE to our very COLD days. Yes SPRING will arrive. THANK YOU!

  2. We have several thrift stores in our area, so hubby and I go weekly on our day off. Wow, what a nice find, Jennifer. Your table looks lovely! I like to decorate with green for spring.

  3. Oh Jennifer, what a beautiful table. Blue and white always looks so fresh as you say. What a delight to find a tablecloth in such lovely condition. My grandmother always loved blue and white and so do I. I was blessed to receive some vintage tablecloths from my mother-in-law. Quite a few of them have napkins to match. I have them all washed and I am looking forward to using on my table in the coming days. I don’t have a blue and white one I will have to keep my eyes open for one.

  4. How beautiful, Jennifer! That tablecloth was a great find. My husband and I enjoy thrift store shopping together, too. It’s kind of a hobby for us. 🙂
    Oh, I do hope you all on the East coast get to enjoy some spring weather soon. It’s really shocking the differences in the coasts right now. We had nearly summertime temps here on the Oregon Coast yesterday. We hit 69 degrees yesterday. I think that was a record high! We all keep expecting the weather to take a huge turn for the worse any day now, but the nice weather will be sticking around for the next week. Sending some of that your way! 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. I have that very tablecloth with matching napkins. I believe I purchased it from Williams Sonoma – years ago – probably 15!

  6. That room is gorgeous! I use pink for spring since my walls are a buttery yellow and I have blue accents already. Yesterday the grocery store had pink tulips for a reasonable price so I splurged and bout two bunches of them. Love me some tulips!

  7. That is definitely a vintage tablecloth. Unfortunately, they don’t make them like that anymore. What a terrific find and it looks so pretty on your table!

  8. I found a blue and white checkered one for $3.50 at Goodwill. I have a round glass table and this table cloth was a rectangle, but that did not stop me from putting it on the table. I also found a white pitcher with a blue line as a outline and put some flowers in it and Viola I have a spring table too… looks inviting

  9. That is one great find! Everything looks so pretty. I am looking forward to my trip home to NY next week. My favorite Goodwill is there. It’s where I always found the best pickin’s…I can’t wait!!!

  10. After all the red from the holidays, the blue is beautiful and very calming. What a sweet little find and you always do a lovely job with your styling/photo layouts. I think I might know the one your husband came upon. I have yet to stop in there. The Thrifting Gods are usually with me…Ha, so maybe I should stay away… 🙂

  11. Jennifer,
    Loved the table cloth. Gathered and put away Valentine décor yesterday after church. This time of year is a difficult decorating time for me. Not really into St. Pat, although I did throw out a few shamrocks I had cut from paint strips last winter. At any rate, just not ready for Spring birds, etc. Does anyone else have a difficult time this time of year?

  12. So pretty! I love the casual simplicity of your dining room. I can almost smell the fresh spring breeze blowing in! And hurray on that new thrift store in town! 🙂

    Jane x

  13. I was reading your post on my way to work. It is 18 degrees today and the roads are bleached white with the winter chemicals, yet I am all smiles. Thanks for the breath of spring!

    enjoy your day!

  14. What a beautiful room, and such a lovely story! May I ask where the floor mat/rug comes from? Thanks & kudos on a wonderful job!

  15. The room is beautiful…peaceful but I must say that I came to a screeching halt when I saw the floor mat. Where did you get that? I must have one!! It is perfect…exactly what I have been looking for.

    I’m tired of the florals or the Moroccan thing and just have been looking for something that is unique and simple.

    Please tell me where you found it.