Spring Mantel: Create the Botanic Look

Our spring season was moving along so smoothly. I was enjoying every minute of the mild weather. But Old Man Winter likes to have the last word as he’s walkin’ out the door and had his say a few days ago with snow blowing so strongly it created white-out conditions. Then Sassy Spring chuckled her way back in with 70-degree temps making sure that snow didn’t stick around. Just when I thought she’d win the kerfuffle, Old Man Winter blasted one last breath (at least I hope it’s a last breath) of his icy air. Sigh. I’m doing a little fighting back of my own with a botanic-style spring mantel.

Botanic Style Spring Mantel

Hubby and I braved the cooler temps this past weekend to do a little shopping at our local flea market. There were plenty of garden vendors and I went a little crazy snatching up a range of pretty plants.


Create a Botanic Look for Your Spring Mantel

The plant on right is a pretty little boxwood that I might or might not clip into a cute shape.


Euonymus as Topiary

I found the Euonymus topiary at my favorite garden designer’s booth. I wish I had her talent for creating such beautiful pieces of art from living plants.


Mossy Garden Pot

She tells me that the moss on the outside of her pots grows naturally in her greenhouse. She hasn’t treated the pot at all and assures me the moss will remain on the pot.


Mossy Garden Pots

When I visit her booth I always try to find the garden pots with the most moss.


Create a Botanic Style Spring Mantel

My plant-laden spring mantel lifts my spirits when I walk through the room. Plants help clean the air in the house, too.


Create a Botanic Style Spring Mantel

A soft topiary wreath of angel ivy pairs with a jagged succulent.


Create a Botanic Style Spring Mantel

Aren’t plants beautiful?  The little metal pot hails all the way from Kennebunkport, Maine. The vendor selling it told me her story of how she was visiting a friend in the coastal state and found the little metal pot for a favorite plant. But the plant didn’t fit because it was too big so she was selling it at the flea market with her wares. I love items that have a nostalgic story behind them.


Botanic Plants on a Spring Mantel

I had to grab the Christmas tree-looking plant when I saw it in the corner of another booth. Now I just have to keep it alive until the holidays arrive in another 8 months.


Botanic Spring Mantel

Plants aren’t the only thing I dug up at the flea market. I found these gorgeous ceiling tins from an historic home in a nearby town. I don’t know what happened to the house itself; I’m just happy to have a few of its architectural elements.


Ivy on a Sculpted Pedestal

Another architectural element from a previous flea market is my plant pedestal.

Now wish me luck that I can keep all these new plants alive on my spring mantel!


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  1. I love the way you fight back with old man winter! It makes me want to brave the rainy cool day and hit the garden center to stock up!

    Crossing my fingers warmer temps will grace us soon!